QUESTION: How Many Bags Should A Woman Own?

I've come across this question many, many times before but I always face difficulty answering it. I would say three, then five, then maybe seven, so on and so forth. I would always make a mental list of what are the most essential types of bags one should have in her lifetime, then count, but my list just goes lengthy each time, adding more bags to it. I know, I'm crazy. hahaha. =)

I wouldn't dare say (or admit) that I'm a bag addict. But next to makeup and accessories, bags are my favorite things. I could live without shoes (I can survive with just slippers and the "bakya") but never without bags. I don't know, but I don't feel like myself at all if I don't have a bag with me every time I go out. It gives me a sense of security and for me my bags are the ultimate expression of my individual taste and style on things. My bags represent me or a certain part of me, I must say.

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When I was younger, I would always choose colorful bags with large prints. The material would range from plastic, cotton, and all sorts of fabric, even wooden sticks and thread! I even once had an obsession over transparent bags! But when I got older, I prefer neutral colored bags, leather, chain handles, and all that. I now choose functionality and quality over design and style. I would like my bags now not to catch too much attention, but admiration. I seldom go for brand, I just choose whatever fits my taste and my needs. When I go bag shopping, I think more than ten times now. I procrastinate, and if the desire for the bag dies quickly, I know it's not meant for me. Unlike before that I just buy. I realized I only end up not using most of the bags I bought on impulse, that they just rot and decay (ewww!) inside the closet. 

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You see, bags need extra care too. And when they're too many, it's quite a difficult task to keep up with them. As for myself, for about twice a month, I check my bags for molds, chipping, weird smell, stains, scrapes, scuffs and scratches. Then the ones I seldom use I store in dust bags and into boxes, in a spot in my room where there is lesser moisture. The ones I would most likely use all the time I put on display, on a hanging cabinet with clear sliding doors, so I can see them right away. It's not easy to maintain the quality of bags, I tell you. So it's best to keep the numbers down.

From more than 50 bags before, I am now in a manageable number of 20. I still plan to trim it down, especially now that I'm going back to school life so I might be needing more functional bags. As for now, no more bag purchases until the "need" arises. =)

So to answer the question, how many bags should a woman own? Lemme do a list.


An office bag should be classic in style and neutral in color, like gray, black, beige, white or brown. Or one in red maybe. It should go well with your office attire, like if you work in the corporate world, a bright pink with orange and yellow heart printed backpack or cross-body won't fit. In my opinion, any material will do, leather or fabric, as long as the bag is spacious enough to bring all of the things you need in the office. Some documents, small technology like the iPad or mobile phone, and your basic day-to-day accessories like a small makeup kit. It should also have multiple pockets or compartments inside so you won't fiddle around the bag if you immediately need something, say, the keys to your drawer, your business card, or a pen and a paper. And on top of it all, it should be comfortable to carry around during lunch meetings among all other things.

Miu Miu Madras Tote in Nero (Photo Credits: Google Images)

Ah, the Miu Miu Madras Tote. If ever I'll be back in the corporate world, this is one bag I would definitely purchase. It fits the bill.

Fino Davos handbag

My current favorite bag is the Davos handbag from Fino. Although I don't go to any office, I think this is also a good bag to bring to one. It may seem small but it's very spacious inside and there are a lot of compartments too. 

You can find bags of most similar features and styles in most department stores so don't always opt for designer or branded bags. SM Department Store and Landmark offers a wide selection of bags on a budget. I have one which I bought at Landmark for only 900pesos or less.

Bag from Landmark


The casual bag. Here you can choose from a wide array of styles of bags depending on your taste. I still want my casual bags to be neutral in color but with an added twist. I want them to be classy enough to bring on spontaneous dinner dates, but still laid-back to bring to shopping with my girl friends or talks over coffee or to the movies. I don't mind some animal prints as long as they're subtle. It should also always match with almost everything in my wardrobe, in short, it must be very versatile. I try to stay away from fur or too much bling or "statement" on my bag. They should be spacious too, that's my number one requirement, to fit all my daily essentials like mobile phones, keys, wallet, tissue, makeup kit, etc. Another requirement is that they should be stain and water resistant. Why you may ask? I am very clumsy so I tend to spill all forms of liquid (and transfer makeup too such as concealer and foundation hahaha =) on my bags and on myself' so my daily bags must be easily dried and wiped with a tissue. Plus what if it rains suddenly and I don't have an umbrella? You know, fuss-free. My favorites would be this black chain bag from Charles and Keith and this animal-print satchel from Centropelle.

Centropelle Satchel / Charles and Keith Chain Bag

Of course, on my wishlist is an everyday bag too. It's the Mulberry Alexa nothing else. It's such a cool bag, kind of tomboyish but still very stylish and versatile. It's a satchel, a briefcase, a cross-body and a handbag in one. =)

Mulberry Alexa (Photo Credits: Google Images)


How many times have you had a sudden and unplanned weekend getaway but you had no bag to bring with you? You have lots of bags --- office bags, casual bags, clutches and mini bags, but no weekender bag! So you end up with plastic bags and paper bags instead. Ugly right? Familiar picture? To me, yes!

About a year ago, I would always need to travel to Zambales by bus during weekends after work. Imagine the horror and the hassle when one of the handles of my trusty paper bag snapped and all the contents were scattered everywhere. I had to pick them all up, including my bar soap (oh good Lord!) and pop it inside my handbag. The rest I had to put into plastic bags from 7-11.

So I decided I must have a weekender bag that's big enough to fit all my clothes, underwear, swimwear, towels, and all other stuff like accessories, toiletries, chargers, a pair of ballet flats, makeup, skin care, etc. I then got myself the ginormous Lilly Pulitzer Country Girl Tote out of sheer desperation. This one is quite big but unlike other gals, I always bring my hair blower with me so it must be huge. hahaha. =)

Lilly Pulitzer Country Girl Tote

A weekender bag must be both stylish and functional. You don't need a suitcase or a gigantic luggage because after all, you're just gonna pack for the weekend. It should also fit your needs, so if you're one like me, who brings her hair blower, ballet flats, and all other extras anywhere, it should be reliable and bigger in space.

Kate Spade Glenmoor Noel Juliet Weekender Satchel (Photo Credits: Google Images)

I like this one from Kate Spade. The Glenmoor Noel Juliet Weekender Satchel. Nice, noh?

Louis Vuitton Keepall (Photo Credits: Google Images)

One famous weekender bag is the Louis Vuitton Keepall. Take it from the name. It should keep them all.


For women always on the go, this is a must have. This is very much like the everyday bag but bigger and roomier. I call it the practical bag, and I prefer it with top handles, lesser zippers or an open-top so it's easier to manage. I like my casual shopper bags to be hassle-free and worry-free, meaning I can easily pick the handles up, toss and lug it around on my shoulders or on my hand,  leave it on the table for a while, or conveniently put it elsewhere like on the counter while waiting for my turn at the cash register. I also put small items I bought from the supermarket or the department in here so I won't be holding small plastic bags anymore. And if I may say, this is the only bag type Em doesn't mind holding or carrying for hours for me, when I'm already exhausted.

Coach Penelope Shopper Tote / Longchamp Le Pliage LH

My favorites would be this Coach Penelope Shopper Tote and of course my Longchamp Le Pliage LH.

Tory Burch Burlap Stripe Shopper (Photo Credits: Google Images)
Dooney and Bourke Whimsy East/West Shopper (Photo Credits: Google Images)

I like this Tory Burch Burlap Stripe Shopper and the Dooney and Bourke Whimsy East/West Shopper. Both look very stylish and chic.


I'm sort of obsessed with mini bags. Although I don't use them very often, I still think a mini handbag should never be absent in a woman's wardrobe. It may be a glittery clutch perfect for more formal evenings, or a pure leather mini bag with long chain handles. When I'm too lazy to bring anything at all to go outside, say I just need to buy tampons at the supermarket, of course, I don't need to bring my whole wallet and everything else. I just toss my coin purse, license, lipstick, mini mirror, Kleenex, my keys and my mobile phone inside, then I'm good to go. If ever I'll be ambushed to go elsewhere, like watch a movie or have froyo or go to TimeZone, I don't have to worry, because my mini handbag and its contents can last me five hours or so, hahaha. =)

Fendi Ostrik Mini / Coach Zoe Mini

My favorites would be my Fendi Ostrik Mini and the Coach Zoe Mini.

Chanel Mini Flap (Photo Credits: Google Images)

Of course, one of my dream bags is the Chanel Mini Flap. I wish all the stars above to grant this to me on my upcoming birthday. Yeah right. I wish. =)

So that's it. I'm tempted to add more on my list but I tried to keep it at minimum and list down just the most necessary bag types. Of course, there's the hobo, the cross-body, the leather satchel, the backpack, the clutches, the draw strings, the doctor's bag, and everything else, but I didn't list them anymore because that would be too much. 

Finally, my answer to my question how many bags should a woman own, is just five bags. FIVE bags! Which means I have fifteen more to let go! Unbelievable me. But then again, I'm still considering, should the answer be, "it depends on whether one can afford to have as many as she wants, as long as the cash flow is continuous, or as long as her conscience lets her", hahaha. =) I obviously cannot afford to buy bags on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis, and my superego does not agree with my id's desires, so I'll stick to my list for now.

Whew! Long post!

How about you? How many bags do you own? And how many bags should a woman really own?

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Kath said...

I love bags too kaya lang naging less priority ko yun nung natuto ako mag makeup. Siguro if I'm earning my own money I should invests on them too.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

you're the best wife a guy could have kath. super bait mo, unlike me, super pabili! hahaha. =)

Favorite Collection said...

I don't use most of the bags that I have because I love them so much I just keep them for my eyes haha. I'm just using one bag for everyday but it depends on my mood if I want to switch or not, depends on the weather as well. I don't want to bring leather bags during rainy season. Helpful post!

Love, Chay ♥ said...

favorite collection: thanks for reading. :)

TXD said...

will you let me know if you ever feel like selling your pink/green lilly bag? i love it!

Pooja Malhotra said...

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Martin Whysall said...

Women can own number of handbags which can be equal to that of shop of handbags as I have seen women like to make a collection of handbags.

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Love, Chay ♥ said...

@TXD thanks it's really lovely but i don't think i can part with it for now. :)

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