TOOL TALK: Loving Pink Again - Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

I mentioned here in one or two of my previous posts that I don't own a makeup brush set or even thought of the need of owning one. I had, in my own opinion, enough makeup brushes for my every need --- until I entered into a new kind of addiction. Eyeshadow palettes! Alright, point your blaming finger at me, I'm guilty! hahaha. =) I have 7 eyeshadow palettes to date (turning 8 this week) and oh my god, I seriously need to stop. =)

Going back, eyeshadow application will always be easy if done with the right tools. I'm no expert when it comes to eyeshadows, but I'm starting to learn how to do it right. And these lovely pink brushes from Charm surely does the job right.

Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

Thanks again, as always, to Jen of the RedGirlshop for these brushes. =) Jen never fails to update me on any new and fab products she has, and delivers them right on time. Much love, Jen. ♥

The brushes come with a portable and functional bright pink roll-on pouch. Everything you see is pink! Even the cute stripey box. And this is what Charm has to say about them. (from the box)
Charm Essentials Vegan Makeup brush Set consists of 14 full-sized makeup brushes expertly crafted using a special, and superior grade of animal-friendly vegan hair. Each makeup brush has the proper density and firmness for efficient makeup application, and once you try these makeup brushes, we promise that you'll get hooked with its luxurious, silky feel on the skin!

This set includes:

* Powder Brush
* Blush / Cheek Contour Brush
* Foundation Brush
* Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush
* Small Eyeshadow / Precise Concealer Brush
* Crease Blending Brush
* Shading Brush
* Angled Eyeshadow Brush
* Pencil Point Brush
* Classic Blending Brush
* Angled Liner Brush
* Pointed Eyeliner Brush
* Brow Spoolie Brush
* Lip Liner Brush with Cover
Housed in a pretty, and portable pink roll-on pouch, full-sized makeup brushes are ready for your next makeup application experience - may it be in front of your vanity mirror, or wherever you go!
Charm Pretty In Pink Roll-On Pouch

The box pretty much says it all. From description to washing instructions. But what do I have to say about this set?

I'm in love with pink again because of it. I had an affair with pink way back in college, from purses to bags, pencils to notebooks, hair clips to mobile phones, but I sorta outgrew that. Now from pink lippies to blushes, and now to makeup brushes, I'm so back to pink. =)

Now about the brushes themselves. They're made of synthetic fiber hence, they're animal-friendly. Now, I don't have to feel guilty. =) But even if they're not made of natural hair, I was very surprised to see for myself that they work pretty well in picking up makeup, be it liquid, mousse, cream or powder form. They're just amazing. The bristles are very soft, they don't shed or bleed, plus, they're very easy to clean. It's also very affordable, only 2500 pesos for the whole set! And from what I've read online, these brushes are also sold separately, so you don't have to force yourself in buying the whole set, just the brushes that you need.

Now let's see the brushes one by one. All of the brushes are made of a pink wooden handle and a black aluminum ferrule, by the way.

Charm Pretty In Pink Powder Brush

The powder brush has very soft and densely packed bristles, which are also firm but pliable. It looks like a kabuki to me. It works best with powder makeup, but can be used with liquid or cream products too.

Charm Pretty In Pink Blush / Cheek Contour Blush

The blush / cheek contour brush, with its angled/slanted cut, can evenly distribute blush. It has no scratchy feeling whatsoever. I use it only with powder blushes but it can also be used for cream/liquid based ones. I still have yet to try this for contouring though.

Charm Pretty In Pink Foundation Brush

The flat foundation brush is very densely packed too. The bristles are very soft as well. I don't use this brush very often though because I use my SPFB for applying liquid or cream foundation.

Charm Pretty In Pink Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush

The big eyeshadow / concealer brush, although I don't use it very often as well, is thick and dense. It's best to use with concealer, when you need to cover larger areas, at least for me, because the size of the brush is quite big for my lids. I use this too when I need to dust off some excess makeup on my eyes. It's very fluffy.

Charm Pretty In Pink Small Eyeshadow / Precise Concealer Brush

The small eyeshadow / precise concealer brush is one of my favorite brushes in the set. It fits my lids perfectly. It picks up powder eyeshadow very well.

Big vs. Small

This is how the big eyeshadow and small eyeshadow brush differ from each other in size.

Charm Pretty In Pink Crease Blending Brush

The crease blending brush works very well in applying and blending color anywhere on the lids and on the crease, defining and filling that area just right. I also use this to dust some eyeshadow on my brow bone. It picks up more makeup compared to ordinary blending brushes.

Charm Pretty In Pink Shading Brush

The shading brush looks very interesting and unique. It's an angled flat top brush. I don't use it on my eyes though, because I don't know how to use it in that area, hahaha. =) So I just use it for blending my concealer and any small areas on my face that needs some covering up.

Charm Pretty In Pink Angled Eyeshadow Brush

The angled eyeshadow brush is an overused brush in this set. hahaha. =) I use it for application, for blending, buffing, softening, defining, crease filling, so on and so forth. It's soft yet firm, thus applying my eyeshadow on the lids and on the corners  precisely.

Charm Pretty In Pink Pencil Point Brush

The pencil point brush is one of the best brushes in this set. The bristles are soft, dense and firm. The brush itself is short and pointed yet rounded at the tip. I use it for more precise shading and even defining the colors on my lids. It works well on the outer and inner corners, defines the crease and makes smudging my eyeliner easier. I also use it for applying some color on my lower lid.

Charm Pretty In Pink Classic Blending Brush

The classic blending brush is your traditional eyeshadow brush. It's very fluffy. I use this brush when I just want to use one or two washes of color on my lids. It's perfect when I want my eye makeup to be sheer because it blends and buffs very lightly.

Charm Pretty In Pink Angled Liner Brush

The angled liner brush is a stiff but not scratchy brush. It's thin but firm enough to handle your eyeliner and even apply a bit of eyeshadow on the lower lash line for added definition. It's very easy to use.

Charm Pretty In Pink Pointed Eyeliner Brush

The pointed eyeliner brush is a small and pointy brush perfect for creating that thin and precise line.

Charm Pretty In Pink Brow Spoolie Brush

The brow spoolie brush is your brow groomer of course. It works with the lashes too. It's styled after a toothbrush, with the same purpose, grooming. =)

Charm Pretty In Pink Lip Liner Brush With Cover

The lip liner brush comes with a cover for hygienic purposes. I like that it's covered because it doesn't mess around my bag or my vanity case. It's a must have, a staple in one's beauty kit of course. It's flat with a rounded tip for precise application and blending of lipstick or lip gloss or just anything on your lips.

I have nothing negative to say about the brushes, packaging, pouch, color and anything on this set. Everything is cute, pretty and of course, pink.

At the end of the day, I'm charmed. =)



chelsea russell said...

where did you get the brushes from?

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi chelsea. from RedGirlShop. :)

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