Hello... Goodbye.

I can't believe I'm blogging now.

Type. Backspace. Type. Type...

It feels so surreal actually. It's been what? Ages? More than a year, since I last opened my blogger dashboard and clicked on that white pencil icon with the orange background and was led here to create a new post. Yes a new post. Can you believe it? Because I really can't.

I vividly remember saying goodbye (temporarily) to blogging early last year because of law school and other priorities. It was a sad farewell to my first love, really. There were countless number of times that I wanted to write or respond to a comment notification or confirm a bloggers' event invitation or agree to sponsorships, but I restrained myself from doing so, because I knew that if I do, I wouldn't be able to hold things back and keep stuff in check. I just had to, and I know my readers and blogger friends would understand.

But I cheat a little. I still read blogs, beauty product reviews, and everything fashion. I still go shopping from time to time. I don't hoard too much makeup anymore though, so as much as I want to do product reviews, I feel like I have nothing much to say and talk about.

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But, yeah, sure, there were some pretty big changes in me as a person. Since my last blog post, two years were added to my numbers. I lost and gained weight, only to lose weight again. I had my hair dyed twice, only to have it recolored again. I gained new friends and lost old ones, only to gain them back again. I was able to buy my dream bag, use it every single day until the vachetta got rained on, only to keep it inside my bag closet now because of fear that it might get rained on again. I made wise and stupid purchases and decisions, regretting the stupid ones so bad, only to do them all over again. I planned to have a vacation abroad but I decided to cancel it because of time and financial constraints, only to plan it again on a very busy month so I think I might postpone it again. I've seen my parents reunite, only to realize that they can never be truly reunited as husband and wife, but only as good friends. I've witnessed my sister and my best friend get married on the same year, getting tearful, ecstatic and envious at the same time, only to leave me wondering again if marriage will really work for me.

I lost some dear people in our lives to the Lord and realized that time goes by so fast with us not saying anything to these dear people before they left, only to realize that some of the people I love the most don't say the things I think I need to hear, just in case anytime I won't be here anymore.

I failed some of my exams and recits in class, only to push me so hard to make me pass all of my subjects in the end. I struggled so hard to keep myself in law school only to stop struggling for a while and go back to my old job, then only to decide to come back again to law school and keep my job again.

And I decided to blog again, only to say goodbye once more, hoping that I will one day, decide to blog again.

Well, that's the truth. I said hello, so that I could say goodbye once more. At the beginning of this post I was so happy and hopeful that I even considered the possibility of blogging while studying and working and having a little bit of business on the side, and juggling them all together with so little time in my hands. But while nearing the end of my writing, I realized I just couldn't. Sigh... If only I was a superwoman.

There. Lastly, I want to thank all of you who still drop by my blog and take the time to read my old blog posts. I'm even shocked to see that my rankings are still pretty much doing well, and there are still a handful of unique visitors in my blog stats. I'm glad that you guys and girls are still there, so please, just comment away and I will try my best to respond to them as much as I can. By the way, I also linked my personal Instagram account here (the scroller widget on the right), where I regularly post my photos, my rants and musings about random stuff, including beauty and makeup. We could update each other there.

Life is indeed ironic, isn't it? We do things now, only to decide to stop doing it at the end of the day, either because we were forced to do so or we just needed to change our minds. I must say that, at the least, that is the exact same thing that I went through and still going through because of... uhmm, either of the two. But well, what can we do? I guess we just have to do the things we can, while we still can. 

And I am happy to say that I did all that with my head up high and my makeup on.

I'll see you soon.



Okay, I'm taking a much needed study break. But not for long, as I can afford just an hour or two. hahaha. :)

TIME OUT!!! Google Images

First of all, I must say it out loud now. I terribly, terribly miss blogging! I mean, I just don't have the luxury of time anymore. I have loads and loads of beauty products to review but tons and tons (and even more) of cases, statutes, laws, codes, and provisions to read and master on a daily (or hourly) basis. I go to school from Monday to Saturday, and although my classes begin in the late afternoon and they last only 2-4 hours tops, I usually reach home late, about 10 or 10:30PM, eat a quick dinner with Em, feed and cuddle with my cats a bit, take a shower, then read until 7 or 8 in the morning. If I'm lucky, I'll doze off at around 5AM. The worst was until 10AM. I'll wake up before or after lunch time, read (or digest cases) again and completely forget to eat lunch. Then I find myself off to school again, scared to be called on the next recitation.


My First Portfolio

Finally! The photos of our portfolio shoot are here.

Check 'em out!



REVIEW: NYX Stick Blush + Swatches

Okay, finally I've got the time for another makeup review. Sorry lovelies for not updating you with beauty posts, I'm just not myself lately. =/

So, I've been using these adorable stick blushes from Nyx for quite some time now. Hmmm, about more than two months I think. Having tried and tested them the entire time, I can now make an official review. I will show you the swatches but this review will be general.

I bought mine from Digital Traincase and Kering-Keri Store. Some of the shades were not available in Sol's shop so I also got some from Eunice. The full range has eight shades, but I only got six, excluding Magnolia and Pink Lotus because these two are more pink than I would prefer, based on swatches online. I personally like peachy pink shades for my blushes.

NYX Stick Blush


DAY 8: Kath

Okay, I've been MIA for about 3 days now. I'm feeling kind of lazy and somewhat disturbed because of this morbidly sick movie I've recently watched --- to the point that I can't even push myself to write. My mind has been floating ever since, and I think I'm experiencing the dreadful blogger's block. I'm sure you've heard about this movie, A Serbian Film, but please don't do the mistake of watching it (or clicking the link) if you can't stomach movies or stories such as this. Alright, I know I made you curious now. =)

But I won't talk about the movie. Please, don't make me. =/ Today's post is an overdue one. But it's better late than never, right?

As I've mentioned in my previous post about makeup school, on our last day, we had a portfolio shoot. We were given the chance to choose our own models for our finals, so we can carefully study their facial structures, features, complexions, etc. We had to accomplish two looks, bridal and avant-garde/fashion and apply the things we learned in all our lessons.

The first person I originally chose to model for me was no other than my sister, because she had previous modeling experience. We shopped for clothes, accessories and even some makeup suitable for her. But 3 days before our finals, she canceled because her final exams in school were also, unfortunately scheduled on the same day. I then found myself in extreme panic mode!

I've searched my phonebook, my facebook contacts, and business contacts. But I couldn't even choose. Until as if by divine light, I saw a comment on one of my blog posts, from none other than, my blogger friend, Kath of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath. So out of sheer desperation, I gave her a call. And she said yes! Thank God!

Fast forward to the day of our photo-shoot, Kath was the early bird at the studio. She even got there before me, and way ahead of the other models. Now that's very professional!
I wasn't able to take a lot of photos of her bridal makeup. I completely forgot all about it! But the official photos will be given out soon, so keep posted. =)

What my "bride" wore that day. =)
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