REVIEW: NYX Stick Blush + Swatches

Okay, finally I've got the time for another makeup review. Sorry lovelies for not updating you with beauty posts, I'm just not myself lately. =/

So, I've been using these adorable stick blushes from Nyx for quite some time now. Hmmm, about more than two months I think. Having tried and tested them the entire time, I can now make an official review. I will show you the swatches but this review will be general.

I bought mine from Digital Traincase and Kering-Keri Store. Some of the shades were not available in Sol's shop so I also got some from Eunice. The full range has eight shades, but I only got six, excluding Magnolia and Pink Lotus because these two are more pink than I would prefer, based on swatches online. I personally like peachy pink shades for my blushes.

NYX Stick Blush

L-R: Hibiscus, Tulip, Tea Rose, Orchid, Water Lily, Pink Poppy

First thoughts. At first look, I expected them to be like NARS The Multiple. Similar in packaging and I assumed in function too. Although I don't use my Multiples on my eyes and lips, I tried the Nyx Stick Blushes on those areas as well. But sadly they don't work for that purpose. However, they are indeed great blushes. For comparison, a NARS Multiple mini has 4 grams of product (full size is 14 grams) while the Nyx Stick Blush has 6.2 grams, which for me will take forever to finish. I bet I won't be able to finish all of them until such time that I have to let them go. =( The stick blush is thicker and more pigmented in texture compared to the Multiple, in my opinion. But the Multiple is easier to blend, at least for me.

NYX Stick Blush

Packaging is okay. Not really flimsy, it is lightweight but sturdy enough to keep the product safe. It's a twist-up plastic tube, just like lipstick. The plastic cap doesn't fall off too. But I'm afraid that if I drop it from somewhere high or I accidentally step on it, it will crack. (but of course, right?) hahaha. =) I'm also kind of wishing that they were packaged in black, instead in each of their respective shades, because black for me is more sophisticated. But since Nyx Cosmetics are known to be fun and girly, and the fact that these blushes were released last Spring 2012, I guess I shouldn't complain.

Rouge Cream Blush and Stick Blush in Tea Rose

Being a huge fan of the Nyx Rouge Cream Blushes, again, I assumed that they will just be the same. But actually they're not. I haven't done a review of my Rouge Cream Blushes but here are some snappies for you to compare. They are of the same color, Tea Rose. Notice how different they are in pigmentation, consistency, and texture despite bearing the same shade name? For one, the rouge cream blushes are thicker and creamier in texture and are more pigmented than the stick blushes. So if you already have the cream blush, getting one stick blush is not a bad idea after all because they are two different worlds.

Rouge Cream Blush and Stick Blush in Tea Rose
Rouge Cream Blush and Stick Blush in Tea Rose

For the swatches, here they are, one by one.

L-R: Hibiscus, Tulip, Tea Rose, Orchid, Water Lily, Pink Poppy

Hibiscus. It's a nice peachy beige shade with hints of orange. It looks very warm and natural when applied. I think this shade will suit most skin tones.


Tulip. It's a pretty bubblegum pink. I like this shade because I can easily build the color whether I like it sheer or more intense, without making it look too overpowering.

Tea Rose

Tea Rose. It's a deep pink rosy shade. It's quite pigmented and has no shimmers. It gives off a somewhat healthy matte finish.


Orchid. It's a peachy pink shade with gold shimmers. The shimmers serve as highlight on the cheekbones too. I don't have to worry looking too glittery wearing this. Some compare this to Nars Orgasm, but I think not. Close, almost, but no.

Water Liliy

Water Lily. It's a brownish reddish pink shade that's ideal to use as a bronzer. I've used this very often during summer for a sun-kissed look.

Pink Poppy

Pink Poppy. It's a sheer pink shade with hints of golden sheen. It gives a very natural looking pink flush that seems from within.

Now to the stick blush themselves. I find these babies really impressive and I'm truly happy with my purchase. The stick blush is very easy to use. I apply it either by directly patting it on my cheeks or using my fingers to get some product then dab it on my skin, then blend it out. Sometimes, I use a stippling brush as well to blend the blush more evenly. You can never go wrong in application because the colors are all very buildable. The color pay-off is great too. It glides on very smoothly and it never accentuated any of my pores or imperfections. Based on the ingredients, I think the stick blush is supposed to moisturize, and I think too, that it does help in that area. It feels "moist" on the skin during application, but dries out completely to a soft, semi-dewy, satin/velvety finish. It's not like most cream blushes that gives off that notable "shine" on the cheeks, but instead it gives a good amount of glow. It doesn't feel sticky and doesn't leave streaks on the skin at all. No ugly scent or anything like that too.

The only downside I can find is lasting power. It's creamy and pigmented but unlike the Rouge Cream Blush which leaves a nice subtle stain on my skin even after long hours, the stick blush rubs off completely especially if used alone. So the trick is to use a good powder blush and dust some on top, to make it last longer.

If you ask me if I will buy again, maybe not because I still have a lot to finish. hahaha. =)

But in case I go crazy, I might go for Magnolia and Pink Lotus too. =)

Have you tried Nyx Stick Blushes? Share your thoughts!

Nyx Stick Blushes are available in Digital Traincase and Kering-Keri Store locally. Price range is from 250-320pesos each.

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Eye Candy (IKND) said...

They look great. My skin is oily, however, that's why I stick to powder blushers. :(

Cisco said...

i love nyx!!

Rae said...

Too bad it can't be used on the lips. I want to get one sana.

I'll stick to bloom's colour thingy na lang. Kaso medyo expensive.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

eye candy: awww. but you can try the matte ones. like tea rose. =)

cisco: me too. =)

rae: get at least one for you to try. =) it's inexpensive naman so i guess it won't hurt. malay mo it wil work on your lips, others say it works on their lips like a stain daw. you know, my lips are problematic kasi eh kaya siguro kailangan pigmented lippies saken.

Anonymous said...

hey which colour would you recommend that would suit asian skin tone that is a bit on the darker side. would orchid and pink poppy be good? Thanks! :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

^hi there, it would still depend on your undertone, but for morena ladies and those with darker complexions, i think tulip will work best since it's very buildable. hibiscus is also a good choice. as for orchid i also think it will show but sheer so if you like to try this one, use it under a powder blush and as a highlighter too. pink poppy will look very sheer on you i guess. :)

Nin Quilatan said...

Hohoho, got bored and visited your blog. Hello, ate Aiz :D

Iya Boto said...

It's apparent that whenever you like a product, you buy it in different shades! Like the NYX SMLCs. :) I can't wait to try out NYX Stick Blushes! Orchid looks nice! :)


G. Regina Levitt said...

I just look for some review about this product and find it here. very happy xD
can u suggest the match color for medium asian skin with pink undertone? it would be help me a lot
thank you


G. Regina Levitt said...

anyway, I followed u, mind to follow me back ? ;)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

Panini! i finally got the time to open my blog and i've got a pile up of comments to respond to. i miss blogging really. sana i could blog soon again, see you soon. :))

Love, Chay ♥ said...

Iya, yep. I'm sort of a hoarder, haha. sure do. orchid is pretty. thanks for the follow. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi g. regina. you might wanna try orchid as the tone is universal. pink poppy might work on your skin too. let us know if those shades worked for you. thanks! :)

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