CUTE LITTLE THINGS: Stationery Love ♥

A few weeks ago (or more than a month, I think), Em and I went to this small town department store which sells every thing from toothpick to air conditioning units. I was about to buy some plastic plant cups because we need to do some transferring in the garden, until I made a stop over at the office and school supplies section looking for a new notebook and pen. And there I found some cute stationery selling for only 15pesos each! (about .35USD) Ain't that a bargain? =D

Well, I love paper. Organizers, notebooks, calendars, tags, gift wrappers, notepads, planners, sticky notes, stickers, as in every thing paper. And I have always been fascinated with how they are crafted and designed creatively, with full attention to detail. I think every girl does, of all ages, love stationery, even if at most times they just end up unused and oh well,  as clutter (as goes with my case). haha. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt if you own too much of these, does it?

I took photos and scanned some of them but I must warn you, this is a picture-heavy post. I also included some sticky notes and stickers I bought for only 20 pesos. =D

I bought 17 stationery sets! Each set has 4 sheets and 2 envelopes.

This is my fave set! I love the yellow and pink and red combinations. Plus I'm a sucker for strawberries that's why I especially loved this one. ♥

These sets are really cute. Each contains 3 sheets plus 2 square envelopes. I love the polka-dot design of the envelopes.

Smart and Courage
Sweet and Dream
Hello and Pretty
Lucky and Smile
Dream and Clever

Aren't they really cool? =)


Of the 10 sets I bought for this style, Lucky is my fave! She looks adorable! ♥

These sticky notes surely gave plain post-its an amped look! It comes in 5 sizes and 8 designs. =)




And more stickers!

I definitely had fun making this post. These stuff really stirred some old school childhood memories in me, you know, the "girly" stuff which will always be there, no matter how old we are.

Do you also like stationery and stickers, and all those stuff?


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