REVIEW: Beauty UK + NYX Lippies

Ok, I'm not sleeping yet. I'm still trying to finish this big bag of RITZ Toasted Chips Sweet Home Sour Cream and Onion, which is really, really good and healthy. I've been craving for this for months and I got two bags right away. Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about these chips, I'll talk of lipsticks instead.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you always buy the same shades of makeup? Of course, the foundie is a different story because it's unlikely that you have to change foundation shades per purchase. I'm referring to lipsticks, blushes, etc. You now get it.

My HG blush is Nars Orgasm, but since it's so expensive (and I don't want to get stuck for years using the same shade of blush), I'm always in the look out for dupes. Over the past years, I have accumulated a good amount of blushes with almost the same color as Orgasm. So basically, it's like being stuck with the same shade of blush after all. Sheesssh.

Same goes with lipsticks. I'm not a lipstick person. I'm the one who tends to neglect my lips so often that I think I look okay without a lipstick on. It's just lately that I realized that colorless lips are not cool. So I'm on the look out for good ones. I was a MAC Twig person but I read somewhere before that Fanny Serrano's Coco Copper is an exact dupe. So for 199pesos I bought it. And yes, truly, it's a good dupe. I'm still keeping it and shying away from the Twig.

I would want to play with the lipstick shades I use so I tried pinks, reds, and nudes. As I recently posted (a few hours ago), I recently bought some new lippies. And there! I swatched them, took some photos, and dear, they are all sisters. It's like they belong to the same lipstick family. I swear when I bought them they looked different from each other. But now, I'm not so convinced. Here are the swatches of Beauty UK in Passion, NYX Round Lisptick in Fig, and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp and San Paulo.

Beauty UK Passion is NYX San Paulo's cousin. While NYX Fig and Antwerp are sisters. But nonetheless, they are all pretty on the lips. NYX Round Lipsticks are very nice, considering it's price (got it for 120 pesos only). They are really moisturizing lippies. Fig is somewhere between nude and pink, but very pigmented. I think it's a safe bet no matter what complexion you have. NYX Antwerp is like a peachy pinkish coral shade. It looks darker on the tube but it's quite softer when applied. It's pretty and it's very pigmented as well. However, these matte lippies tend to dry my lips a bit, so a balm is needed before application. NYX San Paulo (Shouldn't it be Sao Paulo, btw?) is a matte creamy lippie too, but compared to the Antwerp, it's bolder. It's a pinkish rose color. Since I'm quite fair and pale all the time, I prefer the Antwerp more than the San Paulo. But it doesn't hurt to look more edgy sometimes with a pinkish rose bold lippie, does it? As for NYX Soft Matte lippies' staying power, it pretty much stays there even after a greasy meal. hehehe. It also has this vanilla taste that I love.

The San Paulo's cousin is Beauty UK's Passion. The Passion when swatched is (or stared at in the tube) looks strongly pigmented. It's also very creamy. Passion is a very pretty shade when worn, I noticed that it complements with my pale skin better than the San Paulo. And the pot beneath the tube is actually a gloss pot, so you can either go matte or glossy (unlike NYX's RLS pots which are actually toy gunks - I thought they were lip glosses, hahahahaha!). It also has a minty taste, but very bearable.

L-R: NYX SMLC Antwerp, NYX SMLC San Paulo, NYX RLS Fig, Beauty UK Passion
I told you, they all look different in their tubes!!!

The sisters Fig and Antwerp on my lips.

The cousins Passion and San Paulo.

There! This time it's really good night. Or good morning. I just finished my bag of toasted chips.

What about you? Do you tend to buy the same shades of makeup too?


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