It's December and I can't believe it. Sure, Em and I already put up the Christmas tree, changed the curtains to gold and red, and saved up on some coins to be given away to kids singing Christmas carols, but it really hasn't dawned on me yet. It's 24 days more and it's Christmas day again. Now I'm starting to panic because I haven't prepared any new recipes yet and the Christmas lights have not been set up. Worse, I still haven't bought the "priority" gifts. Oh no!

Well, I promise to focus more on those things tomorrow. Anyway, the shopping part is easy, maybe I could start doing that tomorrow. Hahaha.

Now that November is over, and the Yuletide season is now official, let me just share how my week went. Last week was one of the best weeks of my life because even if I was tired going from one place to another, I was able to do a lot of shopping. I wish I could review all of my hauls in one sitting but since this PCOS is killing me, I'm really not feeling well. I promise to do a review one by one soon.


NYX Nude on Nude Palette, NYX SMLC in Abu Dhabi and Stockholm

I've been wanting to get my hands on the Nude on Nude Palette a long time ago but there's always something that stops me. But last week, I finally got it! Together with new soft matte lip creams which are just gorgeous, Abu Dhabi and Stockholm.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Another nude and naked eyeshadow palette. But OMG, the moment I touched and saw the Naked, I knew I have to have it. So here it is. It was really love at first sight. Comes with the Primer Potion mini and Good Karma Eyeshadow brush.

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

This foundation is my new-found love. You'll soon know why. Available at Beauty Bar and retails for 2750pesos in a generous 30ml bottle.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz

Using the shimmer brick is a sure fire way to give you that glow - "highlighting" you in all the right areas. I never thought shimmers could do such a great job to me but this little wonder did.

Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude and MAC Twig

Why am I always drawn to nudes - particularly rosy nudes? Again, these lippies are sisters. But then who cares? I love them both.

Sleek Nude Collection: I-Divine Au Naturel, Suede Blush, Bare Minimum Pout Polish, Kajal Eyeliner

Oh my! My Sleek haul! When the Nude Collection first arrived, I dreamed of owning it. Now I have it and I can't be more than happy. Add to my haul this amazing and exotic eyeliner - the Kajal.

Benefit Romancing The Mirror

Oh, Benefit. This set is just great. So great that everything inside come in full sizes. It has the sugarbomb, "that gal" and BADgal lash. The box is a pretty keepsake and you can even use it as a photo frame. Cute!

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze and Lip&Cheek Stain

One shop always does its holiday sale right. It's The Body Shop! I got these babies in a set. I just couldn't resist the shimmer waves. Plus they gave me this huge peach floral makeup kit as a gift. Thank you The Body Shop.

Flawless Skin Protect Gel and White Plus Cream

Another Flawless haul. I just had my first ever glycolic peel at Flawless and of course I need to have some skin protection and post peeling regimen for any dark marks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They also gave me an early bird discount card. I wish I could use it and find the time to visit them early.

Suesh brushes

I had a Suesh haul too. Notice how beat up the flat top foundie brush looks? Because I use it everyday since purchase. Hahaha. I'm so in love with the brush. I also got this mini Suesh slanted brush which I know I will find useful during "light" days.

Suesh makeup train case

Suesh makeup train case

Ahhh. I love my new train case. I bought this from Suesh at 50% off the original price. Can you believe that? I myself can't but now I have it. Finally, Em wouldn't be complaining anymore when we travel because he needs to carry box by box of cosmetics. By the way, this is his gift! Love, love, love.

Cuddles Cotton Rounds

And last but definitely not the least is Cuddles Cotton Rounds/Pads. I recently ran out of my Delon Cotton Rounds which I absolutely adore, so I thought I would try Cuddles. We'll see.

There. That's my week haul. I am declaring that I'm officially broke. hahaha. I realized a few things are still missing though. An eyebrow powder, a powder and a concealer! Hmm, maybe I'll just include those in my gift shopping or I could very well ask family and friends to give them to me as generous and loving gifts. Hahaha.

As early as today, I want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! Happy December! :)

Have you done your shopping already? Share your recent hauls!

p.s. Today is Aishi's (my niece) 5th birthday. Time really flies too fast, it seems that it was only yesterday that she's a baby. Now she's all grown up! Happy birthday baby, and Tita Taiza loves you very much. Here's my favorite video of her taken when she was just 2 years old.


Anonymous said...

Are cuddles a nice product to use? :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

they're okay. :)

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