TODAY: My Obagi Visit and Obagi Nu-Derm and C-Rx System Haul

Today is the fourth time I visited the House of Obagi at SM North Edsa. The first time was when I was having dinner with my sisters at Sbarro and took a glimpse of the white and bright clinic. I always pass by it but well, I just pass. hehe. Moving on, that day I had one of the most meaningful discussions of my life - with Doc Aileen. We talked about my skin condition, mostly my allergies, my fears about chemical peels and bad experiences. I also couldn't help myself but stare at her great skin, I told myself I want to have skin like hers. It was really smooth and flaw free - up close.

L-R: Obagi Nu-Derm Sunshield SPF50, Obagi Nu-Derm Action Mositurizer

I also got myself two of their products from the Nu-Derm line. The Action Moisturizer and the Sunshield SPF 50 which were both great. I got them for 5300++ pesos at 15% off and the consultation was free. A bit pricey, but I must say, it was worth it.

The second time I went there, I had myself a pampering session. I chose the Obagi Signature Treatment which is in layman's term - a facial. However, unlike your usual facial, the treatment uses Nu-derm products from start to finish, thus making it more pricey. But since Nu-derm products are known to target anti-ageing and skin lightening needs, that pretty much justifies the price tag. It costs 3500 pesos but I availed of the early bird promo so I got it at 20% off. The early bird promo is from 10am-2pm so I tried to beat 2pm, even if I had no decent sleep the previous night. Anyway, I wasn't able to take photos because Em didn't accompany me that day so I had no camera man with me. hehehe. :) However, it was a great experience. It was a nurse who did the procedure. First, she scrubbed my face using a soft sponge, then she massaged my face. Next, she vacuumed my face and then an eye coolant was placed on where else but on my eyes. Afterwards, a good amount of steam was blown off to my face to open up my pores, preparing it for extraction. Nurse Emi's hands were very precise and light as she did all the pricking and extracting which is a good thing for me since I can no longer tolerate further scabs and scars. Then, she did the laser thing while my face was covered with gauze. After that, a soothing mask was applied. Finally, an eye serum, a serum for the whole face and spf was applied on me before the session ended. I sort of expected to look all red and blotchy as I always do after facials, but good news, I did not. Em even commented on how "hydrated" and "moisturized" and "fresh" I looked when we finally met for a late lunch. I always find it funny when he uses terms such as those with complete knowledge at that - it's sort of "unmanly" to me but I know I'm a good teacher and he's a good listener that's why he knows how and when to use them. hahaha. :)

My third visit was yesterday. Doc Aileen and I talked and she took a look at the present condition of my skin after my horrifying experience recently. We talked about my treatment plan but we agreed that I start on one of their systems as long as she'd swatch me first with a serum just to check if I'd develop any adverse reaction or allergy. After she swatched me with it and gave me a prescription, she sent me home without paying for anything! Thank you HOO for the free consult! :)

So today, I went back to report that I had no rashes or any itchy feeling on the swatched part of my jawline. Doc Aileen was not there that time, so we just talked on the phone and gave me instructions. I purchased the Obagi C-Rx System which she said will help me on my problem areas - dark spots, hyperpigmentation, including a good anti-ageing regimen. Since I have a very reactive (sensitive) skin, this is the most suitable for me. I also expressed to her that I need a regimen that is not as aggressive as the others because I have no time for downtime (a.k.a. purging state, or the "ugly" phase). The C-Rx System is about 19000 pesos or so for the five products, but since I only got three items from it, I only paid 11,500++ pesos, again at 15% off. Yey!

Obagi C-Rx System

L-R: Obagi C-Cleansing gel, C-Exfoliating Day Lotion, C-Clarifying Serum

I got everything except the C-Therapy Night Cream with Vitamin C & E and C-Sunguard SPF 30. I will be using the Nu-Derm Action Moisturizer and Nu-Derm Sunshield SPF 50 in place of these.

I have tried the C-Cleansing Gel and on the first use, I could say that I noticed a few good things already. It made my skin brighter, and removed all the dirt and makeup that I had for today with just one wash. I'll be using the rest of the products tomorrow, gradually, so my skin won't be "shocked" or "surprised" by these new stuff. Goodness, the difficulty of having hypersensitve skin. :/

I am very excited to use them all! I am really looking forward to good results since I am hearing and reading good reviews about the C-Rx System. I'll be back at HOO in two weeks time, and I hope I can start on their Diamond Peel which Doc Aileen also suggested. They have an ongoing promo for it: 5 + 2 sessions for only 7500 pesos. I can't wait. :)

I'll post any updates about the C-Rx System in the upcoming days :)

Do you also use Obagi products? What do you think about Obagi over-all?


Alison Clarke said...

That's the best way for me as I have oily skin but applyin at night gives it time to soak in and do its work

obagi nu derm starter kit

Alison Clarke said...

Wow! Your skin looks great! I am getting more and more interested in this Obagi skin care line.

obagi nu derm starter kit

Love, Chay ♥ said...

thanks for dropping by Alison. Obagi really works. :)

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