TODAY: Flawless/Supermarket Visit

I go to Subic (or more aptly Olongapo) for a variety of reasons. One, to go to Kitty and Nala's vet. Two, to do some grocery shopping. Three, to go to Flawless Olongapo branch. And today's the day I did all that.

It was Nala's schedule for his 2nd leuko vaccine (one more to go). He grows up too fast and the vet said that he's happy to see Nala getting in good shape. He gained a lot of weight, his fur has become better and he's now meowing loudly - in a matter of just one and a half months. I would have posted photos but he's fast asleep now after getting tired from pulling down all the ornaments (he particularly loves the red balls) from the Christmas Tree. Darn that cat! :)

Anyway, Em and I also did some grocery shopping. I have this motto in housekeeping, that when the eggs have run out, it means it's time to go to the supermarket. Always worked for us. ;)

We usually do the shopping at the Royal Subic Duty Free Mall because everything I need in life is here - minus the tax. My favorite part of the mall is of course the Pharmacy where I get to see (and buy) the most necessary things - toiletries!!!

Here are some of the things I got today.

Dove White Bar in 2's

Of course, my Dove White Beauty Bar. This comes in a package of two bars and it's just $4.

Dove White Bar with Moisturizing Cream

I made a recent "discovery" about the Dove bars. Dove bars today (as I've mentioned in one of my posts) are very different from the old Dove bars that I used to use (?). The scent is different and it also feels different. But these Dove bars from Royal Mall is the same with the old Dove bars. I suppose the "local" Dove bars are the ones that changed their ingredients or something. These "imported" bars smell better, feel better, lather better and moisturize better - and that's the Dove that I'm talking about. Well, I guess I cannot blame anyone here, it's just that local products tend lose their original quality at most times (just like how the Chicken Joy and Burger Steak changed over the years). I'm not saying that local stuff are inferior to stuff coming from abroad, but I dunno, again, maybe it's just me. I compared my local bar to these two and swear they really look and smell different from each other. The local bar is "harder" while the imported one (when I dropped it accidentally) immediately formed a dent because it's really soft I just wish the local Dove didn't change their ingredients because that would be very sad. Any, I'm just sayin'.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream + Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I also got my Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser but this one's a bit more pricey than the local Cetaphil. This one costs more than $8 so that would be about a hundred pesos more than the local one of the same size. I haven't tried this yet because I always use the local one but I got so curious today (inspired by my Dove "discovery"). It's not that I noticed any change in Cetaphil's quality but there's always no harm in trying, eh? I promise to make a review after I road test this one. It's made in Canada while the local one is made in Antipolo, Rizal by a local manufacturer. Next, I also bought this Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I got curious with this moisturizer because I was able to use a sample size before (a freebie from a Cetaphil promo). The packaging is different but I'm not too sure about the price. This one costs more than $8 too. The moisturizer in my opinion works really well especially during those dry days. I sometimes use it as a night cream and it has never disappointed me when it comes to additional moisture. I also noticed that it also reduces the incidence of rashes and bumps in the morning. People with sensitive skin (mine is uber sensitive) will definitely like this. It has gained high ratings in MakeupAlley too, so you might want to try this out. Our local pharmacies have this as well - but in a different packaging, you might get confused.

Another haul is hair care.

L-R: L'oréal Total Repair 5 Essence, Finesse Curl Defining Mousse, Suave Captivating Curls Spray Gel

Of course my Finesse Curl Defining Mousse has gained my complete trust when it comes to taking care of my curls. I had my hair permed last year and this has always been my companion. I've switched brands but I always go back to this. Well, it really does take care of the job by keeping my waves "tamed" and "under control" without drying my mane. A little amount goes a long way. My hair feels soft and light even if I have a mousse on. I love it's smell too. It truly lives up to its promise of defining curls. It gained high ratings in being on the No. 12 spot on the Best Drugstore Hairstyling Products and MakeupAlley  too.

In the photo is the L’oréal Total Repair 5 Night Essence. I'm in love with the Total Repair 5 Line - I use the shampoo, conditioner and mask then this one. I read from a magazine during my recent trip to the salon that this one is a great product. I remembered the article said that you should use this at night and apply it to clean, damp hair then braid your locks so in the morning you'll get to have soft waves. I'll try this one out and check if it really works on me. The repairing happens while you sleep so that's good news. Next is the Suave Captivating Curls Spray Gel. This is just a "pick-me-up" item, because I was not supposed to buy this. I just saw it, staring at me, waiting to be put in my basket, hahaha. Well, it says captivating curls, plus it's a spray gel. I haven't seen this in most grocery stores or pharmacies and even on online reviews so I hope this will work well on me. It smells nice too.  I recently had my hair colored and it says it works well with that kind. I just read now that it is a predecessor of an old product - just reformulated. I wish this product will deliver since they're comparing it to REDKEN® Curl Boost Scrunching Spray Gel. I bought this for about $3 by the way - dirt cheap in comparison to Redken but we'll see.

After grocery shopping, I went to Flawless Olongapo for my regular treatment + pamper sessions. I go to several branches of Flawless in the metro but this branch is my favorite. The doctors and staff are very friendly and accommodating plus they already know me by my first name! It's just a small branch compared to the others but the service is superb. Of course I had my regular Nano Powerpeel session and My Vitamin A skin infusion session too. They have an ongoing promo but I did not avail it. It's only 8,000 pesos for six Nano Powerpeel sessions so that's up to 40% savings. I wanted to avail the promo but I'm the type who wants to try out several treatments for myself so I did not sign up for it. Plus I had this Flawless haul which consists of the betamethasone cream (to vanish those redness and itchiness or any skin irritation whenever, wherever), the benzoyl peroxide gel which I use every time a nasty pimple would form, an acne and pore refiner astringent which I will try for first time and two bar soaps, a whitening one and the SAS which aids in acne control which will be used by yours truly for the first time too. And since their 10th year anniversary is coming soon, they have weekly promos for 10 weeks, that equates to huge discounts!!!

Flawless Haul: L-R: Acne Astringent, Pore Refiner, Betamethasone Cream, Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, Skin Whitening Soap, SAS Soap

I also included in this photo my 100-peso GC which I forgot to bring along with me today. Got this one from the Flawless SM North branch two weeks ago. I promise to bring it on my next session.

That's how my day went today. How about yours?


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