Carmex Lip Balm: Turn Ugly and Lifeless Lips to Juicy and Healthy!

Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

I was ten years old when the corners of my mouth and my lips started getting cuts. They happen almost all the time so I used to hate my lips so much because they cause me pain and yeah, cuts that don't seem to heal. I remember my classmates would always ask me "what happened to your lips?" "why are your lips like that?" and I've got no answer.

My mom noticed what I was going through. You see, these cuts were persistent, I would just wake up one day and they're just there giving me a painful day or days ahead. Of course my mom would tell me, don't lick your lips too much, don't touch the cuts with your tongue (eww!), but I didn't obey her. I couldn't stop licking my cuts! And they just get worse. One time, during First Friday Mass, I was seated beside my crush and I know up to this day that he just noticed me because of the nasty and big cut on the sides of my lips (which sort of peeled through my skin), that's why he asked "hey, what happened to your lips?" I remember being sad and embarrassed the whole day.

So fast forward two years after, my mom had me consult a doc and the doc said that perhaps my diet is poor, and I had lack of vitamins in the body which is also the cause of my unusual skinny built (oh, those were the skinny days, hehe.) and ghostly pale skin. He also said I use petroleum jelly whenever I would have those cuts.

That's the beginning of my relationship with petroleum jelly. I don't use lip balms or anything cherry or strawberry flavored. I just love the oily tasteless taste of petroleum jelly in my mouth.

Now that I'm older, I still get those cuts every now and then, especially when I'm stressed or not eating veggies or drinking juice and of course when the climate is not very friendly. But unlike before when I had to suffer for weeks with those ugly cuts, petroleum jelly has been my savior. Usually they go away in a day or two.

But four years ago, I had to ditch my tub of petroleum jelly because I "stole" (borrowed but never returned) this from my sister.

Of course Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the mother of all petroleum jellies, and to have this pink petroleum jelly in a cute tin can tub is love. It's not just a petroleum jelly, it's a lip balm! My sister got this in Dublin when they traveled that year. We don't have it here, do we? I think we only have the tubes from Vaseline.

Vaseline Rosy Lips

Vaseline Rosy Lips

Notice how beat up the tin can looks? Because it has been with me for four years, I change makeup brands and cosmetic pouches very often but I simply cannot let this baby go.

Okay, I know this is very unhygienic. Keeping an unhygienic lip balm tub for four years is not good. So I decided to give my trusty ol' pal a rest. But what do I replace it with? Then I thought, why not Carmex? Since they have been here for a while now. Off I went to Landmark Trinoma and got myself a tube. I'm torn between the jar/tub and the squeeze tube but the tube won because of it's retro and vintage look. I love the retro look, even my Vaseline Rosy Lips is retro.

Carmex Lip Balm in a Squueze Tube - Very Retro

Carmex is a well-known and well-loved lip balm and has been around for a very long time. Their history says:
Suffering from dry, chapped lips, Alfred Woelbing invented Carmex® lip balm in the USA in the early 1930s. Alfred carefully hand poured his special formula into small glass pots, which he sold to pharmacists from the boot of his car. Since then, Carmex has become an international favourite, with more than 130 Carmex products sold every minute worldwide! The Woelbing family still runs the business today.
Carmex products promise to protect, moisturize and heal and their lip balm is not just an ordinary lip balm. According to their website, it's also great for:
Using as an antiseptic for minor cuts, burns and insect bites
Relieving the itch of athlete’s foot
Drying out pimples for faster healing
Softening cuticles
Smoothing elbows and knees
...although, I don't think I will use my lip balm for its "other" uses, especially the athlete's foot part, not that I have athlete's foot, hahaha. :)

Carmex Lip Balm Squeeze Tube

Okay my verdict. I love Carmex. Seriously, I like it because it's petroleum jelly (petrolatum). I like how it lives up to its promise of moisturizing and healing my lips. I had cuts again last night and they vanished in no time. I also think it softened my lips and a small amount is a good base for drying lipsticks. I love the tingly sensation it gives to my lips when I apply it - all because of the menthol and camphor included in its ingredients. It is indeed very soothing and has a mild, cooling effect on the lips. Best of all, you get all the benefits of a lip balm for only 109.75 pesos. No reason for you to think twice.

Notice how my lips turned from ugly and lifeless, to juicy and healthy? hahaha. :)

By the way I chose the Original Flavor, because as I've mentioned I'm really not into cherry or strawberry flavored lip balms. Carmex lip balms come in pots/jars, click sticks which has spf and of course the squeeze tubes.

Next time I'll get the one in the jar because it's cute too. :) I just wish I could get my hands on its old packaging (a glass pot) which was discontinued years ago.

What's your favorite lip balm? Have you tried Carmex?


bechay said...

I've been using Carmex for years now, infact, I've posted a blog about it. I have dry lips and Carmex is the perfect moisturizer. Can't live with out it!

Chay ♥ said...

carmex is just amazing, right? :)

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