REVIEW: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

Next to lips, I used to not care about my eyebrows. Personally, I think I have ugly brows. I had them plucked, shaved, threaded, shaped and re-shaped but they're still ugly. I tend to over-pluck and there was a time while I was shaving my brows, Em sneaked from behind and tickled me, making me slash my eyebrows right at the middle. Oh the horror! I was still using eyebrow pencils then so I remember having a difficult time filling the brows (in that case, my brow skin).

Until I came across In2it's eyebrow powder. I was using that kit for more than three years now. And it's still half full. Brow fillers tend to last a lifetime. I wouldn't be looking for another brow kit if my In2it didn't break and the brush didn't lose most of its bristles. But when I went to their counters, I learned that it was discontinued and replaced with eyeshadow trays that could work as eyebrow fillers (according to the SAs). But I am less convinced. Time to hunt for a new one.

I was considering Tarte's brow kit but it's quite expensive. I also wanted to try Benefit BrowZings but I heard some negative reviews so I'll just wait for it on local counters to try it out. So bummer. But God is really good especially when you're bummed out but you still pray. That day, I stopped by Etude House's counter - unbelievably - because I snob Etude House ever since they came here - because all of their products break me out. And when I mean all - I mean ALL.

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

However, brow fillers won't break me out, I know because I only use it on one area only. So I didn't think twice especially when I saw the gigantic mirror of the kit. Mirrors are really a great bonus!

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

I told you, the mirror is gigantic! :) Now, about the colors inside the kit. They're all just right. Not too pigmented, not too light. Compared to the In2it brow kit, which has three shades in it, I only get to use the lightest color. Sometimes I mix the lightest color with the medium to blend it - especially when I just changed my hair color to a lighter shade, therefore, my brows need to complement my hair. The darkest shade I don't get to use at all. But with Etude House's brow kit, the two colors for the brows are just perfect, whether used alone or blended. The lighter shade complements my hair color now (woody brown) better than the darker one. Another bonus in this kit is a highlighter which is not to shimmery nor too white. It's quite sheer and sheer is good enough for me.

And the swatches.

L-R: Highlighter, Medium Shade, Dark Shade

The kit comes with three very useful mini brushes. One spooley to set and fix your brows. One double-ended brush with an angled brush on one end and a wide brush on the other.

mini brushes


The box has special instructions written on the side which is really thoughtful. And best of all, the price is amazing. I got it for only 478 pesos! I know this baby will stay with me for a long, long time.

And now, my before and after brows. My apologies for the, err, ugly brows. I hope you will notice the not so dramatic change. hehehe. :)

Now I'm saying goodbye to my In2it Brow Powder. I will forever remember the good times. :)

In2it Brow Powder

In2it Brow Powder

What do you think about Etude House's new brow filler?


Anonymous said...

natawa naman talaga ako dun sa in2it brow powder mo... hindi naman sya masyadong gamit hah?? mejo naawa lang ako dun sa brush, kinda bungi na sya ;p will keep reading ur blog, it's really enjoying and informative :-) btw, i want to give my mom a birthday present next month, i'm torn between buying her a MAC or NARS eye shadow palettes, however when i read your blog about Sleek make-up, i know i also want to get the oh so special and bad girl palettes for her. what do you think??


Love, Chay ♥ said...

lizzyhotnspicy: hahaha. =) the in2it brow powder has been with me for more than three years kaya ganyan ichura nya. hahaha. =) thanks for reading my blog, btw. =)

regarding naman MAC and NARS e/s palettes, both brands have good ones so your mom will surely like any between them two. But if I were a mom, I'd choose NARS because of the very chic and sophisticated packaging. =)

Sleek e/s palettes naman are very nice too, considering pa the price which is very budget-friendly. you won't go wrong naman with it kasi all the colors in a palette match each other. =) plus you'll be able to buy a lot of palettes pa compared when you buy just one NARS or MAC. =)

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