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Today I will talk about my Suesh brushes. I have three and I use them almost every time. You might ask, why only three. Well, I'm not actually fond of brush sets, even though I know I will save a lot if I opt for them, but most of the time, some of the brushes in a set are the brushes that I don't actually use or already have, so I end up picking individual brushes instead.

However, as I've said in one of my earlier posts, I'm about to get a brush set sooner than soon. And I'm very excited about it.

Anyway, here are my most loved Suesh brushes:

Suesh Makeup Brushes
From top to bottom are: a mini kabuki brush, a travel blush brush and a flat-top foundation brush.

Suesh Travel Blush Brush
The Travel Blush Brush. I found the need to buy this little brush because I was always carrying with me small purses that time. So I had to have a small brush which can fit inside my bags and will be able to apply my blush well. This one is just about a little more than 4 inches. The bristles are made of premium goat hair which is really, really soft and a wooden handle in off-white. Small as it may seem, this baby picks up makeup quite good and applies blush seamlessly. I remember it costs about 300 pesos or so. Pretty cheap for its quality.

Suesh Mini Kabuki Brush
The Mini Kabuki Brush. One of my over-used brushes is this multi-functional mini kabuki. You can see that the brand imprint is slowly diminishing. hehehe. =) Don't underestimate its size because it can really do a lot. I use it during touch ups for applying powder foundation, loose powder and blush. The bristles are in black and white and made of all natural premium goat hair. It's only about 2 inches or so and comes in a velcro-sealed pouch which is such a bonus. I remember this cost me a little above 200 pesos only.

The brush hairs are really soft too but shedding is quite an issue with this one. However, it doesn't bleed when washed. This mini kabuki can be opened up too --- so yeah, you can use it for your blush. Close it again then it's back to being a kabuki. =)

Suesh Mini Kabuki Brush --- when opened up

The next one is my favorite of the three.

Suesh Flat-Top Foundation Brush
Suesh Flat-Top Foundation Brush

The Flat-Top Foundation Brush. I was intimidated the first time I saw this because I wasn't used to flat-top foundation brushes. I shifted from stippling brushes to this one. But right on the first use, I was impressed. It creates a flawless airbrushed look using either cream, mousse, or liquid foundation.

Suesh Flat-Top Foundation Brush
Suesh Flat-Top Foundation Brush
The bristles which are made from high quality nylon hair are very firm but pliable and flexible. It also has short white bristles at the tip of the brush which maximizes the amount of foundation you use. Since this brush is densely packed, it makes buffing easier so no makeup goes to waste. The handle is made of black wood and the ferrule is black aluminum. It is quite long at about 7 inches and is priced at 800 pesos or so.

I so love my Suesh brushes, and Suesh over-all that I buy my sponges, my cotton quilts, buds, powder puffs, and all other makeup accessories from them. I even convinced Em to get me a very pretty Suesh traincase last year because I would always drop by their stall at TriNoma just to check it out. He must have felt pity for me that time. =)

There you go. I didn't realize I've been talking about my makeup tools since yesterday! Which made me remember, I still have one more beloved brush to review before I head over another busy week!

Do you love Suesh brushes too? Tell us about it.


Rae said...

Hi! How does their flat foundation brush compare to the shiseido one. They look similar. Only I think shiseido's is more stumpy.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

rae: well this one's much longer than the spfb and with its length i can't stay up close to the mirror, hahaha. =) i prefer the spfb because it works well with any formula, even with powder. this one is confined to the creams and liquids. the bristles feel a bit "rubbery" though compared to the spfb which is really soft. this one's really flat, while the spfb is angular which makes it a winner. i'm thinking of getting the sigma f80 brush which is flat kabuki naman. do you have it? =)

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