HAULS: Quick Weekend

It was one tiring weekend for me, and another very tiring and stressful week ahead. Hmmmm. I hope you guys had a great weekend because mine was just so-so. =/

Anyway, I was able to find some alone time last Friday aftie. After meeting and chatting with a few clients, shipping stuff here and there, I made it early to the mall. I bought some stuff at National Bookstore and went straight to Cafe Mary Grace at TriNoma. I love spending time at the very homey and cozy Cafe Mary Grace so much that I always choose this place whenever I need to talk to myself and eavesdrop on what other people are talking about. I love that activity and I cannot do that unless I'm alone. hahaha. =)

Of course, I got myself my favorites, Mushroom Cream Pasta and The Sangria.

Photo Credits: Cafe Mary Grace
Photo Credits: Cafe Mary Grace

Moving on, after my late lunch, I decided to stroll around. I went to Lush but they still haven't got any lip scrubs available --- anywhere. The SA said it's been out of stock for quite some time now so I told her to just inform me ASAP when they arrive. While walking on the third floor, I passed by the temporary and humble stall of Kiehl's and made some small talk with the SAs. I've heard so much rave about Kiehl's but haven't tried anything from them so far. Thanks so much to Mitch of Kiehl's TriNoma that I was able to know a lot about Kiehl's products and so I went home with these.

Kiehl's TriNoma
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I decided to get the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, because it's their bestseller and I've read many good things about this baby. My purse was screaming ouch, but I was promised that it's all gonna be worth it. We'll see. I will be finishing my Obagi regimen soon and I'm planning to use this either alone or with my moisturizer. And that makes me remember that once I finish my incredible experience with Obagi C-Rx line, I will make a detailed review of course. Very, very soon!

Kiehl's Samples
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate

Mitch was also kind enough to give me instructions on how to use the concentrate and a few samples of their other products too. She also included a sample of the Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate which works in conjunction with the facial concentrate. I'm excited to try them all. Well, Em tried it a while ago and now he's having his beauty rest so we'll see if he's gonna have that "glow" tomorrow. *wink*wink

The bottle is quite pricey at 2880pesos but it looks like it will last me forever. It's 30ml and you only MUST use 2-3 drops every single time before sleep. Computing here, maybe it has more than six hundred drops, which is equivalent to 200 or so nights of usage, and if I'm correct that's only less than 15 pesos a night. So, yeah, definitely worth it. Aaarggh, I'm not good in math. =) So correct me if I'm mistaken on this one. hahaha. =)

By the way, Kiehl's will be opening their permanent boutique at TriNoma by early May. I saw the still under construction area and they will be beside the soon to rise Shu Uemura boutique. Hooray! And another soon to open site is one for bag lovers --- Rabeanco is gonna open soon on this side of town. Double hooray! I've read they opened their first branch in ATC but that's very, very far from me. So these are all good news. =)

I got home later that night and received some "padalas" from my cousin in Canada. I also received my latest eyeshadow palette, of course in neutrals. Thanks Shirlina.

Nyx Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit, Clinique Fresh Bloom Eyeshadow Cherry Blossom, MAC Dame Edna Wisteria Eye Trio

I wonder how my cousin got these LE's way back from Winter 2008 (MAC Dame Edna) and Spring 2009 (Clinique Fresh Bloom)! It really must be awesome to live (and shop makeup) in Canada. =)

There you go. Those are the happenings and hauls for the past weekend. Now back to business, back to work. Have a great week ahead lovelies!




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