DAYS 5, 6, 7: Cat's Eye, Avant-Garde, Bridal Makeup Looks (PART II)

Now let's go to Day 6, which was yesterday. Oh, it was a loooong day and I was the last one in class to finish my model's makeup. We were told to do an avant-garde look. But what is avant-garde anyway? Well, I had a few things in mind. Not really "things", but just one thing --- COLORS. Lots and lots of colors. I was really worried that I could not work this out because I'm not really the creative type. But then again, it went well.

Avant-garde in French literally means "something new". In fashion and the arts, it means it's new, original, unconventional and innovative, sometimes causing shock, because well, it's never seen before or is unheard of. It's not really a trend, or something that's just "in", because avant-garde does not come and go, at least in one form or another, because it keeps changing through time. With regards to makeup, avant-garde looks are almost always associated with bold, bizarre, absurd, striking and loud colors and accessories. And they are all put together to achieve one creative and "new" look.

My model that day was Josrene and she's fifteen years old. Before I started with my makeup on her, I showed her my peg for her look and she was very game for it.

She has medium skin tone with some blemishes and pimple marks as well. She has dry skin too so I needed to moisturize a lot than the usual. But apart from that, there were no problems. Here she is.

Josrene Before Makeup

I wanted to make her skin look pale because I was gonna use purple and black on her, which are dark colors. So, in order to make the contrast appear more obvious, I had to make her skin really pale. But since I can only do so much, I downgraded her base tone to only five shades lighter, because it's the fairest foundation shade I've got.

MAKEUP TIP: One cannot make a person's skin tone very light if the base tone is warm and dark. If this is done through airbrush, the look can be achieved. But if using a sponge or a brush, or the conventional method, the "real" base tone will eventually show through, in the form of patches on the skin. Same as with if the person's skin tone is naturally very light and pale, patches will show through if the makeup is very dark. Try to mix and blend well to achieve the desired look but as much as possible do not attempt to use extremely contrasting colors.

So this is her avant-garde look. I mixed silver, black and purple on the eyelids to get this. I also used falsies on her lower lash line and those lovely feathery lashes to further exaggerate the look.


Products Used:

Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths
Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm 
Cetaphil  Moisturizing Cream
Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer
Benefit Porefessional PRO Balm
Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme in Graceful Swan and Mid. Marigold
Graftobian Corrector/Neutralizer Wheel
Graftobian Concealer Wheel
RCMA No Color Powder
Sanford Prismacolor Ebony Eyebrow Pencil in Jet Black
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Graftobian Luster Creme Eyeshadow in Black Galaxy
Graftobian Luster Creme Eyeshadow in Burgundy Blast
Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette in Black Suede
Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette in Black Spark
NB 48 Colors Baked Eyeshadow Palette
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow State of Grace Palette in Silver
Graftobian Cake Eyeliner in Jet Black
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
OCC Lip Tar in Clear

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