GOODY Goodies: Bun Spiral, Modern Updo, Spin Pin Mini and Stay Put Elastics + Mini Tutorial

Hello everyone! How's your week so far? Mine's super busy again as usual. I finished makeup school last Thursday and our photo-shoot was truly a blast (photos soon!) And during the previous days I was literally bouncing back and forth to law schools until finally I made it to San Beda College of Law. I got in at the last minute and I was able to enroll today. Whew!
Anyway, here is a very long overdue post. I've been using these Goody stuff for quite some time now and I think it's high time that I review them.

Goody goodies


I love the Goody Simple Styles Collection. Well, I've always loved Goody products. I'm forever a fan of their super great elastics. But because of rave reviews about the said collection, I finally decided to get them. At first I was interested with the Spin Pins alone, but they were out of stock for quite a long time so my first purchase from the collection was this.

Goody Bun Spiral
Goody Bun Spiral

I like to hold up my hair in a bun for a number of reasons. I've got very long hair that's super unmanageable at most days so a bun is the perfect way to keep it neat and in place. But just like every girl out there, keeping the bun secure is a problem. Using elastics (or rubber bands???) is one solution, but it doesn't help it stay put for a long time, so I had to re-do the bun over and over again. Until, yes, the bun spiral solved it all.

Believe me, it may look complicated, and people may think it can tangle your hair (I did at first), but it goes on very smoothly. You don't need to use any elastics or ponytail holder or pins to make a bun with this. You twist, you tuck, and you spiral your way in. That's just pretty it. Here's a mini tutorial on how I do it with the bun spiral.

Presenting my scary long hair. =)

First, I gather my hair into a ponytail.

Then, I twist and twist to make a bun, then tuck the ends until I come up with a not so secure one.

Next, I insert my bun into the spiral and yeah, spiral my way in to my hair. You get what I mean? =)

Just make sure that the purple tip goes in first. You will know when to finally stop spiralin'! =)

And voila! My bun spiral! The hold is very much secure, trust me. I only do the typical bun with this but Goody says that there are a lot of styles to do with it. Like a half-up bun or the bun fountain. In removing it, just turn it counterclockwise. Don't tug or pull. It'll be painful.


Goody Modern Updo

I bought the modern updo on impulse (because I fell in love with the Bun Spiral) and I don't regret it. I won't deny that I have always wanted to make a French Twist (and all other lovely sophisticated updos) on my own but I simply can't. Until I discovered that with the modern updo, oh yes I can! Very easily! Here's how.

Again, I gather my hair into a ponytail first.

Then I twist my hair upwards as I would do to a regular French Twist. I try to make the twist as loose as possible because the pin will tend to tighten the hair as I push and turn it upside.

I prefer to insert the pin on the side of the twist unlike what the box says which is from the bottom / outside of a bun. The pin should be bowed or curved downward (as in the shape of a boat), not the other way around. The instructions on the box says: make sure the contour shape of the pin is facing away from your head.

Then as I insert and the ends of the pin go through the other side of the twist, I flip the pin over, then push it all inside to secure. Then I tuck whatever loose ends I've got into the twist.

I haven't styled the twist yet in this photo but of course, you should style it by combing it neatly. Amazingly, the twist or updo is so snug it stays in place the whole day!


I couldn't wait any longer for the regular sized Spin Pins so I gave in and bought the mini version. I love these mini creatures! hahaha. =) They're in fact my favorite.

Goody Spin Pin Mini

By the way, the regular sized Spin Pins come as two pins in the box. They have been back in Goody racks since early May but I decided not to get them anymore because I'm already satisfied with the mini version. But if someone will gift the bigger Spin Pins to me, I surely won't mind. haha. =)

So here's how I use them.

First, I gather my hair to a ponytail as always. I like to make it higher than the usual when I use the spin pins.

Then I twist it to a bun and tuck the ends.

Then I spin the pins on top, at the bottom and on the side of the bun. Three pins are the best but one pin can also hold the bun securely enough. Lovely!

To remove, just spin the pins counterclockwise. Make sure the pins don't interlock.


Goody Stay Put Elastics

Lastly, new elastics from Goody as well. They're called Stay Put elastics. It has a Slide Proof Hold feature that really holds the hair. It has a unique design that wouldn't slide out just like ordinary ponytail bands or holders. It has this rubbery stuff all over the elastic which holds and secures the hair. It really stays put! I even sleep on this and the band is still on my hair when I wake up. I love it! =)

There. I really love these Goody stuff and I think they will keep me and my hair company for a very long time. What about you? Do you like Goody as well? Have you used these products too? Say somethin'. =)

Good night lovelies!

Goody Simple Styles Collection: 569.75pesos each
Goody Stay Put Elastics: 249.75pesos (four elastics)

Goody stuff can be found at most leading department stores nationwide. Visit their Goody Philippines facebook page for more info on their products.

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Rae said...

Medyo nag-nosebleed ako sa explanation. Baka kelangan I own one to see what you mean. This is sold individually right? I like modern updo.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi rae. yup they're sold individually. modern updo can actually do a lot of styles pero i recommend the spin pins for daily use. :) medyo mahirap nga intindihin if you read even from the box lang or even if you watch tutorials. ilang beses din ako nag fail with theses nung una! hahaha. :)

Mish Rendon said...

See you at Beda sis! :) Baka classmates pa tayo lol.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

wow! see you sis, kalabitin mo na lang ako sa orientation if ever you spot me and i'll do the same. hehe. :)

avagabondmom said...

I want the modern updo and the spiral bun! I'm a fan of goody items too :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

that's good to hear, we're all goody girls. :) get one for yourself kasi they sell like hotcakes. :)

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