TOOL TALK: Suesh Brush Guards

Since I'm on a hype today talking about my makeup tools, I would like to share my recent find from Suesh --- one of my favorite makeup brush stores.

Here it is:

Suesh Brush Guards
Suesh Brush Guards
Suesh Brush Guards
Like any other tool, our makeup brushes need maintenance and extra care too --- to make them live longer. It's not like when you buy a new foundation, you ought to buy a new foundation brush as well. So that's when these brush guards from Suesh come in handy. Priced at 250 pesos and includes 10 brush guards in a variety of sizes, it's definitely a worthy buy.

The brush guard is a stretchable mesh tube wherein you slide your brushes through to protect the bristles and keep them in shape --- even if you just washed them. As your brush dries, its shape is ensured to be the way it was. It also keeps the brush bristles protected while it stays inside your beauty kits.

I think it is quite similar to, or if not, it's the same with the much raved The Brush Guard. Suesh SG sells it, but the look and the packaging are quite different from the ones being sold here. Anyway, they still function in the same way, so no biggie. =)

I love these brush guards, they're inexpensive and they truly work. I'm planning to buy more soon for the rest of my other brushes. You should get yourself a pack, too. =)

Do you have the brush guards from Suesh? What do you think of them?


Anonymous said...

Where can i buy these brushes? Thanks!:-)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi. i buy mine in Suesh trinoma. :)

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