TOOL TALK: Landmark Brushes Are A Frugalista's Love

Whenever I need a quick fix (as in shopping), but have no enough money, I always go to Landmark. From racks and racks of clothes, accessories, purses and shoes to even gifts, Landmark is (I feel dumb as I say this, hahaha) --- the place to be. =)

Anyway, recently, I snagged a few brushes from the Landmark TriNoma and so far I am happy with my finds. I think there was a cosmetic section sale that time. I also got myself some acrylic boxes for my lippies and blushes, and boy, I was like a crazy girl picking jellybeans from a candy store. Some cosmetic stores sell these acrylic boxes for a thousand pesos and more but I just got mine for a little less than 200 pesos each. I got myself 4 or 5 boxes I think. I'll post a photo of them here soon since I don't have them here in the province.

Anyway here are the brushes:

Landmark Eyeshadow Brushes
Landmark Eyeshadow Brushes
I got (from L-R) a thin and fine point eyeliner brush, a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, a slightly tapered/angled blending brush, an eyeshadow application brush and a flat brush which I use for application and smudging too. The brushes were priced differently, ranging from 60 to 250 pesos. Still cheap right?

Landmark Mini Kabuki Brush
This one is a mini kabuki brush, which is fluffy and soft enough for my mineral powder. I got it for about a 100 pesos or so.

Landmark Mini Kabuki Brush
All of the brushes are pretty decent. They've got quite long handles which is just okay for me as I don't usually bring my eyeshadow brushes with me anyway. The bristles are amazingly soft, they don't bleed or shed too. I'm pretty sure they're all made of synthetic hair but I tell you, they're really soft and not scratchy at all they could pass as natural hair. The handles are of wood/plastic type and the ferrules are made of silver metal. And of course, they do the job well. =)

I would suggest you try these brushes out especially if you're on a budget. They don't actually look and feel cheap, I promise. You can find these brushes at the cosmetic section of the Landmark TriNoma, I'm not sure if the Landmark Makati has them too. There are a lot, lot, lot of brushes to choose from, just make sure you pick the right ones. =)

What about you? What's your latest frugalista find?


Kath said...

sis, yung mini kabuki brush pede ba pang apply ng powder foundation as finishing powder?wala case?thanks

Chay ♥ said...

hi kath, sadly walang case yung mini kabuki, and yes, you can use it for your powder foundation. works better pa nga than a regular powder brush kasi it's really dense. :)

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