On Hair Care: Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Review

This is the second time I spent particularly long hours in the shower within two weeks. The first time was when I tried these stuff on my hair:

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair

My first encounter with Dove Hair Care products was back in 2nd year college when a friend from the US sent me a Dove shampoo and conditioner for colored treated hair. I fell in love in an instant, but sadly, I had to satisfy myself with local brands back then because they were not being sold locally. Then every once in a while, mom would send Dove products from Dublin, beauty bars and hair products which took two months before I can finally use it, and I had to make "tipid" because they were still not found in local stores. So, a few months ago, when Dove finally launched their hair care line in the Philippines, I decided right away that I need to get my hands on it quick.

I chose the Intense Repair range because I feel that my hair needs some extra lovin' due to years and years of torture from curling/straightening irons, blow dryers, rebonding, digi-perming and all that deadly things one can do to one's hair. My hair is naturally "dry", "thin", "frizzy" and "spongy" (although I never really understood what spongy hair means) as hair experts would like to call it. It's digi-permed as of the present by the way. Moving on, I bought the shampoo and the conditioner to try 'em first, and I was expecting they would be pretty much the same with the Dove stuff I'm so used to. But, I was wrong. THEY'RE WAY BETTER! I guess, they're really formulated for Filipina or Asian hair that's why they adapted to my hair quite easily. This is the third week that I'm using the shampoo and the conditioner on a regular basis, and I should say, I'm really impressed.

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo

First, the shampoo. The consistency is creamy and a little amount goes a long way. It lathers rather easily and it has a very clean and fresh scent. I can honestly say that while most of the shampoos I've used in the past always needed a conditioner to partner it with (because shampoo alone makes my hair frizzy and sticky), the Dove Intense Therapy shampoo can stand on its own. Even without conditioner, my hair feels smooth, soft and manageable.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner
Dove Intense Repair Conditioner

Next is the conditioner. I love this one. Again, just a little amount is enough for my past-the-bra-line hair length. It's also very creamy and gives the hair a luxurious feel after washing. The scent is also a fresh scent, but sometimes, I notice that it's a bit overpowering, like when the wind blows, I can really smell my hair --- even if it's already dried down hours ago. But apart from that, I am all praises to the conditioner. Best of all, both the shampoo and the conditioner didn't give me an itchy scalp. No falling hair whatsoever. I think I found my HG hair care. Woot!

So after a week of using the shampoo and the conditioner, I finally decided to try everything from the range. That includes the Daily Treatment Conditioner, the Treatment Mask, the Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment and the Overnight Treatment. I had a difficult time looking for the Overnight Treatment as I've mentioned here so it took me a few more days before I could finally use it. I have tried it only once.

Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner
Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

Now about the Daily Treatment Conditioner. Initially, I thought it was just a different or imported version of the conditioner, judging from the printed letters on the tube, which were Thai or Malaysian, I guess. You're supposed to use it daily too, just like the regular conditioner. But again, I was wrong. When I finally used it, I immediately saw and smelled the difference. The regular conditioner is pure white, while the treatment conditioner is a swirl of white and yellow, which comes out of the tube like icing or frosting on cupcakes. =) The yellow part is the "treatment" part while the white is the conditioner part. It smells quite strong, like the smell of body lotion, or those hot oil and hair spa treatments you get from the salon. It's very rich and creamy too. Rinsing is never difficult anyway, despite its consistency and it leaves a distinct smell on the hair as well. It makes my hair really, really soft and smooth. I think if I have straight hair, I would appreciate the results more. But I have to wait a year before I get my hair rebonded again.

Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask

Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask

Next, the Treatment Mask. Just like any other hair masks out there, it comes in a big 200ml tub. I think one tub will last me a month or more, because even one tiny blob of the product is more than enough. Good thing I have thin (not thinning, huh!) hair. You must use this weekly. The smell is quite similar to the Daily Treatment Conditioner. I use it after my conditioner, leave it for at least 10 minutes, even if the instructions say 3-5 minutes for best results. I want even more best results, hahaha. =) After rinsing and drying, my hair feels soft and smooth and healthy, meaning no dryness at all.

Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment
Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment Tube 1
Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment Tube 1
Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment Tube 2

Then, the Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment. This one, you're supposed to use monthly. The set has 2 tiny tubes. The first one (15ml) you have to apply on wet/washed hair, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse afterwards, while the second tube (5ml) you have to apply on towel-dried hair and there's no rinsing needed. Step 1 tube treatment is like a conditioner, and it smells fresh and clean too. It's not very creamy though compared to the other products on this range but during application and after rinsing, my hair feels so smooth --- again! hahaha. =) Step 2 tube treatment I think, seals in the effects of the Step 1 tube. It's like hair serum, which smells good, never oily, never greasy and never makes hair sticky or feel heavy. I love the Step 2 tube and guess what, you don't have to use it all up in one sitting, you can easily recap the nozzle, put it in your bag and use it during touch ups. Amazing! For my hair, a few drops goes along way.

Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment

Lastly, is the ever elusive Overnight Treatment which one is supposed to use at night at least once a week. It has a non-greasy, non-sticky formula which smells like the treatment mask. It's not very creamy, and it's not runny as well. It leaves a very nice smell on the hair (and on my pillow) without any oil marks or somethin'. I love the user-friendly pump bottle which gives out just the right amount of product at every pump. The next morning, I still have very smooth and good smelling hair and I almost didn't wanna rinse it! Truly, it made my hair easier to comb and fix the next day.

Over-all? I found my HG! I love you Dove. I love my HG beauty bar which is Dove too, and I'm not very surprised why I'm so head over heels with their Intense Therapy line. Everything works as promised and it's awesome! I will definitely repurchase over and over again until I no longer have hair. hahaha. =)
Dove Hair Therapy has four ranges, Straight and Silky, Nourishing Oil Care, Hair Fall Rescue, and of course, Intense Repair. They are all available in leading department stores, supermarkets, and your super-friendly sari-sari stores. They come in sachets too. =)

Prices of the products reviewed are as follows:

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 180ml: 110 pesos
Dove Intense Repair Conditioner 180ml: 108 pesos
Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner 180ml: 149 pesos
Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask 200ml: 253 pesos
Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment 20ml: 192 pesos
Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment 120ml: 390 pesos

I am so happy that Dove Hair Therapy is finally here for good. Are you happy about it too?

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Ghreizy! said...

I really love it. I was in baguio when my first time to used it like my bf bought from the market the funny thing was I got angry because of it. You know my trusted conditioner supposed to be but he just said just use it and we'll buy later but after i used it,my hair was very like WOW! my hair became manageable and not frizzy. My fave is the blue one :D. thanks for the review

Love, Chay ♥ said...

thanks for dropping by Ghreizy! The intense repair line is really awesome, isn't it? =)

Pammy said...

I like this range too! The Nourishing Oil Variant dried my hair so bad when it's supposed to nourish it. I used Intense Repair again and one wash made a huge difference on my hair. I am so digging this line! Now I want to try the Daily Treatment/Conditioner after reading this review. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

Hi Pammy. The daily treatment conditioner is really a must try. Share your thoughts about it when you've used it already. =)

Kath said...

Hi Chay, thanks for this comprehensive review. I'm thinking now what to buy first. Yung sample kasi sakin is shampoo and conditioner lang. Parang I want something that will tame my baby hair kasi naturally straight yung hair ko tapos pag natuyo na yun nga may tikwas na.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

i suggest you try the shampoo and conditioner because that's what you've used na. add the daily treatment conditioner na lang kasi it's really, really nice. =)

Christia's World said...

haha me too I tried this line :) I like what it does to your hair but the smell... meh... :)
Much support, Christia
Looking for the Apple at Big Apple Express Spa from Christia's World

Love, Chay ♥ said...

thanks for dropping by christia. =)

Arra Jurado said...

I love the daily conditioner of this range. ibang iba sa local brands... super soft ng hair ko.. :)

Anonymous said...

Pwede bang gwing replacement ung daily treatment conditioner sa normal dove conditioner???

Sexyladyme26 said...

I'd love to try that Dove Intense Repair!Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept.

beauty products

jennifer acebuche said...

can i blow dry my hair daily and not get negative results by using Dove's products?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Pwede bang pagsabayin araw-araw itong tatlo?
(Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner)
Hindi ba nakakasira ng hair?

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I just want to ask . What kind of dove did you use for color treated hair ? And available po ba ito sa Philippines ? My current hair color is dark plum red and I want to maintain its color . Effective po ba yung dove for colored hair ? Btw thanks for the WONDERFUL review ! U really convinced me to try dove :)

kamlesh sharma said...

Hi everybody! The best clinic for Hair transplant in Delhi is Klinik Esthetika. So Klinik Esthetika is the best clinic for Hair Transplant India.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi arra. yes i agree with you. thanks for dropping by. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@anonymous: i think that would be okay. but i don't recommend shampooing everyday, it makes hair dry. and conditioner should be applied more on the tips because too much of it will cause your scalp to be too oily on the other hand. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@sexyladyme26 thanks for dropping by :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@jennifer. i would not advise daily blow drying. as much as possible, heat applied to hair should be at a minimum. it makes hair dry and damaged. i cannot guarantee that your hair will be spared from heat damage if you use hair moisturizing/repair products such as dove hair care.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@anonymous, as i've mentioned you can use all three maybe once or twice a week depending on the condition of your hair. but using all of them at the same time on a daily basis might cause more harm than good. after all we must hair care products in moderation too - even if they work really well. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@anonymous. hi sorry i cannot recommend any dove products for colored hair as i am using a different product for my color treated hair now. but yes judging from dove's effectiveness for damaged hair maybe it's worth giving their other products a try.

Jona Carolyn Dupitas said...

Hi I just permed my hair yesterday and I am in a dilemma. My hair used to be straight so I bought shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Its Dove Damage Therapy Silky Straight and I was wondering if I can still use it since it'll just go to waste... will it affect my permed hair? also I readt hat sulfate is bad for permed hair and silicon and both of those are contained in Dove. will really appreciate your help.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

@Jona, i haven't used dove's other variants but what i know is, you must use special haircare products if you have permed hair. there are a lot out there in the market. i used to have permed hair and my shampoo used to be different that time.

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