REVIEW: Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths

Not until I made the necessary switch to my current skincare, I was obsessed with Olay, especially with their Total Effects range. So when I needed to use a different moisturizer and cleanser because of my skin allergies that time, it was hard for me to let my Olay products go. Since I won't be using them for quite some time, I remember giving away two full bottles of OTE moisturizer to my sister last year, so as not to put them to waste. You know, it's not good to use too many products or different product brands on your skin, so I had to part with Olay.

But who said goodbyes are forever. It was this one fateful day that I was looking for a giant tub of my cold cream, that Olay and I met again.

In this form.

Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths

And with so much familiarity with the colors of the Total Effects range, in black, brown and hints of gold, and the big number 7 in front, I grabbed the not so familiar product.

It was my first time to see that Olay Total Effects has cleansing cloths. I was at Puregold Subic Duty Free that day and I don't recall seeing the said product in Manila's supermarkets and drugstores. I initially thought, should I get this? I'm not into wet wipes anyway. But when I read from the label that it can thoroughly remove makeup with the added anti-aging benefits of Olay, I bid my cold cream farewell.

So this is what these cleansing cloths have to say.

And very much true to its claim, it's not your ordinary wet wipes.

At first, it was just convenient to use. No need to apply anything on my face before I totally remove makeup. It's simple. It's easy. I just pull one cloth, and wipe away. Take note, ONE. One is enough to clean my face and my neck after a day of dirt, oil, and grime. hahaha. =) It's also very handy, and I can bring it just about anywhere.

Then, I started not being able to live without it. I don't wear makeup everyday anyway, so after almost two months from purchase, I used my last cleansing cloth today. And seriously, I need to get my hands on another pack soon! Olay, when will you be offering this locally? It's not that I can always go to Duty Free, you know.

This is how it looks like. It has a textured appearance and it's quite thick but soft and smooth on the skin unlike most wet cleansing cloths. It doesn't tear or leave any fibers on the skin. It stays intact no matter how hard I wipe, even rub. The other side is quite rough compared to the other which is great for exfoliating. And it smells great too. It refreshes me every single time I use it, and makes washing the face easier. After use, it would feel like there's a bit of wet or oily residue/film, but no need to worry because I think that's just the moisturizing effect. I even did a little experiment one night and did not wash my face at all. I just wiped all my makeup away using the cleansing cloths. When I woke up, no breakouts, redness or whatsoever. Plus my skin looked like I moisturized just like I would normally do before sleeping. It's just amazing.

Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths
Up Close

I would highly recommend this to everyone, makeup user or not. It's also perfect for use when you just want to freshen up a bit. I even used these on my models for cleansing prior to makeup. It really does its job well in cleansing the face with the added benefits of skin vitamins, moisturization, gentle exfoliation and anti-aging. For those gals who get too slumped or lazy at night to wash their faces, this is a necessity. But I'm not saying that this is an alternative to washing the face. It is still best to splash some water and cleanser on before hitting the sack.

All the makeup gone. Eww, right? hahaha. =)

Downside? Aside from the fact that they're not sold locally (please correct me on this if I'm wrong), it's not really effective in totally removing eye makeup. Well, I mostly use waterproof mascara, so that may be the cause. I dunno, maybe I'm just more comfy in using a separate eye makeup remover that's why I'm not satisfied with the cleansing cloths --- when it comes to eye makeup.

Okay, this may be a long post for just a cleansing cloth, you might say, but I tell you, it's everything a cleansing cloth should be. Good job Olay and welcome back to my life! =)

Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths: 7.95USD; about 350pesos or less (30 wet textured cloths/pack)


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