TOOL TALK: Marionnaud Brushes

Today, I washed my tools --- my makeup tools of course. When I checked my stash, I was surprised to see that I already have a lot, but to tell you honestly, I don't even own a brush set. But I definitely will, sooner than soon. =)

Anyway, since they are my trusted friends and makeup is useless without the right tools of course, I decided to talk about them.

For this part, I will talk about Marionnaud brushes. These pretty decent brushes are cheap but reliable, well at least for me. You can find them at most, if not all Watson's branches locally.

They have regular and premium type brushes. I don't own all of their brushes, just a few by the way. Of course, the premium ones are more expensive than the regular ones because of the material used.

Marionnaud Brushes
The regular brushes are shorter and has synthetic hair/bristles with a silver metal ferrule and plastic/wooden handle. As for the premium type, the hair is said to be of natural (goat) hair with a black ferrule and rubberized handle (similar to that of NARS blushes packaging). They are also slightly longer than the regular ones. I have washed them repeatedly over time and I'm happy to say that they don't bleed, but they do shed slightly.

The above photo shows the concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, fluid foundation brush and slanted blush brush from the regular line. The premium brushes I own are the angled blush brush, the pointed eyeshadow brush and the retractable powder brush shown below.

Marionnaud Premium Retractable Powder Brush
I especially love their blush brushes, both regular and premium. However, I hate to say that I'm pretty much annoyed with the quality of their regular fluid foundation brush, which tends to absorb every darn ingredient of your liquid foundie and stays there even after tremendous washing. It ends up very oily and it's still oily up to this day even if I already stopped using it a long time ago.

Now see how the two blush brushes differ from each other.

Over-all, the premium brush works better for me because it picks up more blush thus making application more effective. They also have softer bristles than the regular ones. The only downside for me is the size of the premium brushes. I dunno why Marionnaud made them longer and bulkier, which made it more difficult to trot them along.

So if you're looking for inexpensive but quality brushes, try out Marionnaud first. A brush or any makeup tool need not be expensive to work well, after all.

Marionnaud brushes are priced at 50 pesos to 500 pesos --- depends on the type and kind.

What do you think of Marionnaud brushes?



First time I saw these, I was really impressed. It was really good for a very affordable price. I still use some of the brushes til now! :)

JhAnEy said...

I'm really interested to try this out. I saw this in Watson's and a lot of bloggers write positive feedbacks about this.

Chay ♥ said...

hi dawn and trace, thanks for dropping by. I love their blush brushes, really. What's your favorite brush from Marionnaud? :)

Chay ♥ said...

hi jhaney. you should try 'em out. They're really affordable especially if you're just starting to play around with makeup brushes. ;)

ninjimenez said...

i have the n30 powder brush and n32 blush brush and i absolutely adore them. though i haven't seen their premium brushes yet. will definitely look for them and of course buy them as well! :)

Anonymous said...

i was planning on getting a retractable powder blush, i'm torn between getting the Charm retractable powder blush (in pink or gold casing) and the Marionnaud retractable powder blush. I put more importance on how soft the bristles are. I have a retractable blush brush from Sophie Paris, i love it, very very soft bristles and the casing does not dent easily unlike the Charm ones, the bristles of my Sophie brush and Charm are equally soft, but my Sophie brush is much denser. any help guys?

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi ninjimenez. you should try 'em out. they're still with me and still doing their jobs well. :)

Love, Chay ♥ said...

hi retty, i'm a sucker for cute and pretty packaging so i will definitely give my vote to charm. but i would say if you're happy with your sophie brush, then no reason to get another retractable brush. maybe try another type of brush from charm or marionnaud instead? :)

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