REVIEW: MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Boxes + Swatches

I'm back! Been very busy meeting and talking to people and running to and fro every place from North to South and back.

But in between, I insert shopping! And always first on my shopping list is makeup. Today I will share with you a very good (and rare) find.

I love dupes. Who doesn't? Especially if you chanced upon a dupe that is a perfect match of your expensive HG makeup. And since I'm always on the lookout for one, I met MeMeMe and I'm not disappointed even one bit.

MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Boxes

Let me tell you, MeMeMe is a UK brand and some of their products are very similar (if not, comparable) to Benefit's top sellers. MeMeMe's Blush Me! blush boxes mimic Benefit's Box O' Powders. Now, see it for yourself and discover why.

L-R: Pink, Coral, Rouge (with flash)

MeMeMe Blush Me! blush boxes has four shades, namely Pink, Coral, Rouge and Bronze. For this review, I excluded Bronze simply because I don't have it, hehehe.

L-R: Pink, Coral, Rouge (without flash)

The blushes come complete with mirror and brush in a cardboard box. Just like Benefit's!

MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Box in Rouge with mirror and brush


As for the packaging, there's no huge difference. However, I'm talking about the old packaging of benefit's blushes - the ones with removable lids. The new packaging has a flip-top opening with a mirror. And the amount? MeMeMe has 8 grams of blush in it, same as with the new Benefit boxed blushes.

L-R: Benefit Sugarbomb, MeMeMe Rouge

Now, I am comparing the two boxes side by side. I used Sugarbomb for this review, which I got recently in a whopping 12 gram edition. :) My other Benefit blushes come in mini sizes and the old boxes are now tattered and torn, and the rest is history, so there. No much difference either.

L-R: Benefit brush, MeMeMe brush

They're both flat top brushes. Notable differences are bristle length and texture. Benefit's brush bristles are softer than MeMeMe's in my opinion - but it's not scratchy though. But I don't get to use any of these brushes, so there's no issue I guess.

There's one big difference though, that we will all love. The price. Benefit's Box O' Powders are about $28 each while MeMeMe's Blush Me! is about £8.50 or $13 - almost 50%  percent of savings!!! Now, ain't that just love-ley? :)

And of course, the swatches.

L-R: Pink, Coral, Rouge (with flash)

L-R: Pink, Coral, Rouge (without flash)

The shades all look different from the pan and when swatched, obviously. Pink is a rosy shade and is said to be a Benefit Thrrrob dupe, but more shimmery and frosty. Coral has a more orange-y base and is a warmer peachy shade compared to Benefit Coralista, while Rouge is a pinkish peach and is close to Bella Bamba when applied. MeMeMe's blushes are pigmented, and has a silky, smooth finish. It gives off a nice, subtle glow when blended - but less glow-y than those of Benefit's. They are all quite easy to build and last long. The shimmer vanishes over time but the color pretty much stays there. 

I think Pink and Rouge will be great on lighter complexions and Coral on darker skin tones. 

Over-all I love these blushes. They're not exact Benefit blush dupes but they're close. There are a lot of Benefit dupes out there but these are exceptional because the shades are not exactly copied and somehow that makes them unique. Sad to say, we don't have these locally. They're only sold in the UK at Superdrug and online. If you want to get your hands on these lovely blushes, I have some in my shop, but better hurry since I only have a few. :) 

Have you tried MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Boxes? Share your thoughts!


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