REBLOG AND REVIEW: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals 8-in-1 BB Cream

As previously stated, this is my first "by accident" BB cream. There are a few good things about this baby. One, it's the only BB cream I know (and used) which is not a Korean brand (not that Korean brands are bad, it just makes itself unique). Two, it's cheap. Three, it fits just anywhere in your purse, with its decent and cute packaging at 18ml. Four, it pretty much lives up to its claim of "brightens and evens skin". Five, it somehow covers minor imperfections. Six, it doesn't have a weird smell. Seven, it has "mineral" ingredients which is great for sensitive skin. Eight, it has moisturizer and SPF 26 (which is pretty impressive considering its size and price).

How much is it? At 299 pesos (I think now it's 249 pesos or something), I think you get more of what you actually pay for. I didn't finish this tube but it sort of  became my "emergency BB" whenever I ran out of my daily BB creams. For more than six months it stayed in my makeup kit, pretty much the same, until I gave it away to my sister.

It has these eight "mineral" ingredients: copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, titanium, and 3 iron oxides. I don't know what these minerals actually do but I know that "zinc" is a healthy mineral because it's one of the components of my daily mineral intake. (the doc said zinc is best for the skin together with vitamins A, C, and E.)

Another thing, it claims that it provides healthy skin results (based on a clinical test) which are: more smoothness, more radiance, more hydration, improved clarity, less dark spots, less redness, pore size reduction and better appearance.

Three things I love about it are its strong moisturizing power, SPF (at 26/PA+++), and it didn't make me break out (no red bumps/rashes immediately and hours after application). Moreover, it doesn't oxidize over time. In an instant (following application), it gives you a smooth and flawless look, then evens out the skin tone (even if it only comes in one shade). The shade isn't much of a problem for me because I have a fair complexion. I was a bit worried that it would be too light on me but fortunately, it blended well. No cakes. Just a small amount brings you to places. :)

By the way, it's in liquid form not "cream". The nozzle's size is a bit weird because it makes the product ooze out a lot, making you waste some of it and become quite messy. Apart from that, the packaging is nice.

I also discovered that when I use a moisturizer (Olay Total Effects) underneath it, it has more staying power and evens out your skin tone even better. However, the oil control is not so good. I had to blot several times in a day and apply loose powder every now and then to set it. I do not recommend this product for lazy people (like me! hehe.)

What I don't like about it is its lack of available shades. I'm a person who doesn't believe in "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" much more with "ONE SHADE FITS ALL". We all come in different colors. Good thing I'm quite fair skinned, but for those with darker skin tones, I'm just afraid this might not work, but then again, I'm not too sure. My sister is also fair skinned so there were no problems, too. I just wish Maybelline would produce more shades of their BB cream. (Not to mention that with most Maybelline products, makeup shades has been a very big problem for me in the past.)

All in all, this BB cream is quite good. For those who are just starting out on BB creams, this is just perfect. Considering its price and size, it's very much in for a trial.

Good Luck! :)

Have you tried this BB Cream? Let me hear your thoughts. =)


Zy said...

I used this BB cream before, it's good and cheap. A good alternative on those korean BB creams.

Love, Chay ♥ said...

that's right zy. it's not really that bad, considering its price. thanks for dropping by. =)

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