REBLOG: Gaga Over BB Creams

I used to be a liquid foundation person but when I "accidentally" discovered BB creams, I'm a convert.

I was about to buy another bottle of my old tinted moisturizer (Olay Total Effects TOF) but that day, they were just nowhere to be found. So I spotted this BB cream and I wondered what the heck does BB mean? Anyway, the brand was popular (it was Maybelline), it was cheap (at 299pesos back then), and I really thought it was a tinted moisturizer with a different name. So i bought it.

When I went home to try it, I was stunned. It was not a tinted moisturizer after all. It was not a liquid foundation at all. I went online and searched for what BB creams are and my saga continues up to this day.
What are BB creams anyway? BB stands for Blemish Balm and everybody (especially Asian women) are raving about it. History says that it was originally a cream prescribed by dermatologists to patients who underwent laser skin surgery because of its soothing and healing properties while providing coverage for surgical scars and all that redness.

Then, Korean companies got word of this cream and made formulas of it available to the public. Basically, the main purpose of BB creams is to "cover" and "protect" so it is very suitable for sensitive skin. In my own words it's a "medicated make-up", covering your imperfections and making your skin better all at the same time.

Most BB creams are highly moisturizing, has SPF, has anti-aging and anti-blemish properties while working as a foundation as well. Regular foundations do none of these wonders. In my foundation-filled life there are very rare times that I encounter liquid foundations that have whitening properties (although Loreal has one: the White Perfect Pearl foundie), anti-wrinkle properties, anti-acne and just something that perfectly works to even out skin tone.

And since it works as a moisturizer (and provides good SPF), I do now skip applying moisturizer, which saves me 699pesos a month. Although whenever I need to stay out in the sun for prolonged periods, an extra dose of SPF always comes in handy.

And best of all I don't need to apply liquid foundation every single time I need to go out (even if I just need to go to the grocery store). Through the years, I discovered how liquid foundations made my skin look older and how they made me break-out each time, and how they made me broke every month. A 50ml BB cream lasts me about 3 months (with everyday use at that) which literally translates to big, big savings (cutting costs to about 1000pesos a month). It's really low-maintenance.

Well, I still could not say I'm a BB cream guru, but it really did wonders to my skin. I tried to stop using BB creams for a month just to give it a rest and embraced Revlon again, but I realized nothing competes with BB creams (so far!).

What it did to me:

1. gave me a very natural look (that famous "no makeup look")

2. at most times it gave me a dewy finish which made me look fresher and younger

3. didn't clog my pores (zero break outs)

4. no heavy feeling unlike liquid foundies give (although close to working like one)

5. works best with any concealer (especially creamy concealers like MAC and Mary Kay)

6. no cakey look at all (of course if just the right amount)

7. "actually" heals the red bumps I get in the morning thus refining my skin

8. "regenerates" the skin

9. skin-whitening and anti-aging benefits

10. tons of SPF!!!

11. best of all, it made me cut my makeup expenses into nearly half. (which made me buy more eye shadows, more highlighters, more make-up brushes, more concealers, more mascaras, more eyeliners, and more lipsticks, hahahaha! =D)

Seriously, these BB creams are truly wonder creams. I prefer not to call them "miracle creams" because I must admit, I still have some skin issues that they haven't addressed yet. (Or maybe I still haven't found the right one for me.)

So there goes my take on BB creams. I will review some of the BB Creams I have used over time. Ciao. :))

Do you like BB Creams too? 


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